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Building Bridges for Women in Trades and Technology - How To Apply

Wondering if you are eligible to apply for this scholarship? Here’s what you need!

This scholarship is only available to existing full-time Fleming students in the first year of their study in the programs listed below.

This is a competitive process with a limited number of students accepted each year. The application will be open in January 2022 and can be found on this page.

Programs you can be enrolled in to be eligible for this scholarship –

Application Form

Deadline of the application will be 2 weeks from the start date

Include the following in your application:

  • Completed Application including signed and dated declaration and consent.
  • Completion of the 4 questions outlined in the application. Attach a separate document with your answers.
  • Highschool Transcript or other document provided upon application to Fleming to demonstrate grades.
  • Email your full application to:

Expectations from scholarship recipients

  • Remain in good academic standing and meet your academic requirements
  • Demonstrate the desire and motivation to build a successful career related to your program of study
  • Commit to attending promotional opportunities, special events, open houses, or local high school events directly related to Building Bridges program
  • Students are eligible for up to $3500 total during course of their program
  • Commit to meeting with the mentors provided in 1:1 or group setting a few times per year

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