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Fleming College, offers short-term, solution oriented counselling focusing on issues related to personal, disability/accessibility and academic concerns.

Counselling is a process where a variety of concerns and solutions can be discussed. Speaking with a counsellor can assist you to clarify issues, explore options, develop self-awareness, and overcome problems by developing and using new coping strategies. Services are provided by professional, accredited counsellors in a non-judgmental confidential setting.

Academic Counselling

Making the "right" choice about a career and learning is crucial given the investment you make in your education. If you are having difficulty academically, or need to develop and educational plan, consider seeing a counsellor who can assess learning problems, recommend solutions, link you with resources, and advocate on your behalf.

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Personal Counselling

Coping with College life in addition to dealing with personal circumstances can be stressful. You can talk to a counsellor about any issue which is interfering with your academic success e.g. personal loss, depression, conflict resolution, sexual identity issues, balancing school and home, relationships, etc.

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Disability Accommodations

The college is committed to providing equal access, to services, facilities and educational programs to persons with disabilities. If you have a visible or invisible disability, and require individualized accommodation or supports, contact a College counsellor.

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Sexual Violence Prevention

Fleming's Sexual Violence Support Services web site provides quick access to resources to support individuals and groups who may have experienced or be directly or indirectly involved in working with persons who have experienced sexual violence.

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