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Board of Governors

2022-2023 Board of Governors

The Fleming College Board of Governors acts as the governing body of the College. The Board is composed of twelve external volunteer members (which includes four external members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor) and five internal members: the President; one academic staff member; one administrative staff member; one support staff member; and one student.

  • Fred Clifford (Cobourg)
    Board Chair; and Chair, Executive Committee
  • Don Gillespie (Lakefield)
    Board Vice-Chair; and Chair, Governance Committee
  • Paul Downs (Mississauga)
    Chair, Finance and Audit Committee
  • Cynthia Chan Reynolds (Peterborough)
    Governor (Lieutenant Governor in Council Appointed)
  • Ben Currelly (Port Hope)
    Governor (Lieutenant Governor in Council Appointed)
  • Sudha Datta (Toronto)
  • Kerri Davies (Ennismore)
  • Tim Kennaley (Peterborough)
    Governor (Lieutenant Governor in Council Appointed)
  • Michael Nasello (Peterborough)
  • Lisa Reed (Port Hope)
  • Karen Jensen (Fenelon Falls)
  • Mac Patenaude
    Administrative Governor
  • Joanna Hodge
    Academic Governor
  • Laura Coles
    Support Staff Governor
  • Kiersten Singh
    Student Governor
  • Maureen Adamson
    College President

Board of Governors 2022-2023 Schedule of Meetings

Members of the College Community and the public are welcome to observe the open session meetings of the Board. See the schedule of public Board meetings for additional information.

If you are interested in attending a Board meeting please make arrangements in advance by contacting:

The Office of the President
Phone: (705) 749-5530 ext 1558

By-law 1 of the Board of Governors

Please see the Board of Governors page for more information.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, contact information of the individual governor has been gathered for purposes of the Board; it is considered confidential and will not be released. Those wishing to communicate with the Board are invited to do so through:

The Office of the President

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