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Accessible Education Services

Accessible Education Services Table of Contents

We understand that as a college student with a disability you have unique needs, strengths and goals. We strive to improve the accessibility of the college environment for all students to have a positive and equitable learning experience.

We work to provide students with disabilities the academic accommodations they need to level the playing field and eliminate barriers and the services they need to build skills, strategies and resources to make the most of college.

Our services are free, confidential and voluntary. They are firmly rooted in our commitment to respecting your dignity, integrity and your right to make your own choices for yourself with respect to the services you choose to use.

If you have a documented medical, physical, psychological or learning disability you may be eligible for accommodations that can help you to succeed academically. The following are examples of academic accommodations and support services which may be put in place:

  • Training in and access to technical aids (assistive equipment and software)
  • Computerized note-taking for those with sight or hearing disabilities
  • Alternatives to print materials
  • American Sign Language interpreting
  • Alternative testing arrangements
  • Counselling support
  • Various other supports such as learning strategies, peer note-taking and tutoring services
  • A full-time Learning Strategist and Assistive Technologist for students

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First at Fleming

All incoming students and their caregiver(s) who are interested in orienting to the services available through AES that support students with disabilities are welcome to attend this 2 part afternoon virtual event. The only eligibility criteria is that you are interested in knowing more about what Fleming College offers in the way of accommodations and services to support the transition into the postsecondary environment. Please note that you do not need to be registered with AES to join us at this event, all are welcome. For more information about this program, visit our department website.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to make your disability known as soon as you accept an offer of admission. Early identification ensures that we can provide appropriate academic accommodations in a timely manner.

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