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International student cap-updates and FAQs

Updated: 2024-03-28 16:16:07

Key Performance Indicators


  Graduation Rate Graduate Satisfaction Employment Rate
Fleming 64.5% 75.8% 87%
System 65.2% 75.4% 83.3%

2018/19 Report Highlights

The most recent provincial surveys of college students and graduates reinforce Fleming College's commitment to student and graduate success.

The graduate Employment Rate increased 3.3% over the previous year (88.6% versus 85.3%). Increases were also seen in both Student Satisfaction (76.1% versus 69.7%) and Graduate Satisfaction (81.8% versus 78.9%) when compared to the previous year.

KPI Results for Fleming College Compared to Ontario College System November 2019.
  Student Satisfaction Graduate Satisfaction Employer Satisfaction Employment Rate Graduation Rate
Fleming 76.1% 81.8% 90.1% 88.6% 69.4%
System 75.7% 79.9% 89.6% 86.2% 67.2%

More information about this and previous year's college-level KPI results can be found by visiting Colleges Ontario.

What are KPI's?

  • A province-wide accountability tool
  • A joint effort of Ontario's 25 community colleges and the provincial government
  • A method of evaluating programs and student services

KPI's measure:

  • Student satisfaction
  • Graduate satisfaction
  • Employer satisfaction
  • Graduate employment
  • Graduation rate

An independent consulting firm, hired by the provincial government, conducts annual provincial surveys to collect data for the first four categories.

How Fleming College uses the KPI's:

Fleming College incorporates the KPI results into our annual Program Review and Integrated Planning processes to determine how to improve programs and services for students. KPI results have recently been incorporated as strategic performance metrics into Fleming’s Business Plan and Strategic Mandate Agreement with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

OSAP Performance Indicators

OSAP Performance Indicators include default rates for students issued Ontario Student Loans, graduate employment rates and graduation rates. A common methodology has been used for the calculations for all program related information provided by all colleges. The OSAP Performance Indicators are typically updated annually. The Approved Program Sequence Code (APS) beside each program name is a number assigned for each approved program by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

For additional details on the Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan (COISL) default rates, please visit the OSAP website.

For more information about the employment experiences of Ontario College graduates, visit the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Employment Profile.

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