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International student cap-updates and FAQs

Updated: 2024-03-28 16:16:07


Applying to college can be a little confusing. To help, we have created a simple guide to help you navigate the application process.

Future Students Start Here

Not sure what you want to study? To explore program options, download our Viewbook, talk to a recruiter, and many other options, visit Apply. Yourself. Here.

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Important Dates:

  • February 01

    • Equal Consideration Deadline
      The deadline for applying to highly competitive programs. Applications received before this date will be given equal consideration by the college.
    • Colleges may release offers
      November 1st is the earliest date that colleges may release offers to applicants. Offers will continue to be issued until programs are filled or waitlists are established.
  • May 01

    • The most common deadline for confirming offers of admission.
  • June 22

    • Fall Term Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) due for Domestic Students

Submit Your Application

Apply online through ontariocolleges.ca (the Ontario Colleges Application Service).

There is a $110 fee to be paid to ontariocolleges.ca. Be sure to submit payment to ensure that your application will be sent to Fleming College.

Non-Academic Requirements (NARS)

Some programs at Fleming have additional non-academic requirements such as immunizations, or certifications (CPR, First Aid etc). Read through your program page carefully so that you're aware of requirements for your program.

Are You a Mature Applicant?

To qualify for admission, mature applicants may elect to take Skillsmarker, our mature student assessment tool and/ or pursue academic upgrading through Fleming's Skills on Demand. See the Mature Students page for more information.

Are You an International Student?

If you are an international student, you can apply directly to Fleming College. Visit our International application page for further information.

English Proficiency

If English is not your first language or if you completed education in another language, you will need to demonstrate English proficiency. See the Language Requirements for International students page for further information.

Check Your Application Status

Contact Our Admissions Team

(705) 749-5514

1-866-353-6464 ext. 1148



Applying to a Highly Competitive Program?

We will begin issuing offers of admission on February 1st. If a program is determined to be oversubscribed by that date, we will notify you by email in early February. We will then undertake a selection process to determine eligibility for offers of admission. Offers to highly competitive programs are typically issued beginning in mid-March. Qualified applicants who do not receive an offer at that time will be placed on the waitlist and where possible, considered for alternate offers of admission.

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Congratulations! Welcome to Fleming College

We will notify you of your offer of admission by email, and will also send you a hard copy offer package. If you applied via ontariocolleges.ca, your offer will also be viewable there. Read through these items carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your offer.

About Your Offer

Depending on your academic background and the program(s) you have applied to, you may receive different types of offers.

Types of Offers

Conditional Offers

A Conditional Offer of Admission means that you have been extended an offer on the condition that you complete any outstanding program admission requirements prior to the start of class.

For an offer to Semester 1 of a Diploma or Certificate program, this might mean completion of your Ontario Secondary School Diploma and additional individual courses identified on your program page.

For an offer to an Upper Semester of a Diploma or Certificate - or a Post-Graduate program - this might mean completion of post-secondary courses or programs in which you're currently enrolled.

Check your offer of admission carefully for any conditions noted and ensure that you complete them and submit appropriate documentation prior to the start of class.

You can accept a conditional offer, even with outstanding program admission requirements.

Unconditional Offers

Unconditional Offers of Admission are issued if you have already completed all the admissions requirements for your program. You are likely not currently enrolled in any courses or programs required by the program in your offer of admission and have already submitted all your final, official transcripts or other requested documentation.

Alternate Offers

Alternate Offers of Admission are issued to a program or start date other than that to which you initially applied. We try to provide all applicants with alternate pathways to pursue their areas of academic interests at Fleming in the event that:

  • You do not meet the requirements for your program, or;
  • The program is oversubscribed

Alternate Offers can be conditional or unconditional. Acceptance of an alternate offer does not impact in any way your consideration for other programs to which you have applied or are awaiting a decision.

I'm on a Waitlist. What Does this Mean?

Applicants can be placed on a waitlist if:

  • Their application was received by the equal consideration deadline of February 1st and were considered within a selection process, or;
  • They applied after the equal consideration deadline and seats in the programs have been filled.

We continue to monitor program enrolments and do contact applicants placed on the waitlist if space becomes available.

Note, accepting a different offer - either from Fleming or another college, will not affect your standing on

Apply for Residence or Find Off-Campus Housing

Visit our Residence site for detailed information about applying for residence and our Off-Campus Housing page for a wealth of resources about living off-campus.

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You're Coming to Fleming!

This is the fun part! You've worked so hard to qualify for admission, you've done your research, paid us a visit and know that Fleming is the college for you.

Congratulations! You have a made a fantastic choice. All that's left to do is accept your offer.

Follow the instructions in your offer of admission package to confirm your offer.

For Applicants With Offers of Admission At Ontariocolleges.ca

  1. Go to ontariocolleges.ca
  2. Log into your ontariocolleges.ca account with your login credentials.
  3. Click on "View Offers" to see your offer(s) of admission.
  4. Select the offer of admission you wish to accept.
  5. Click "Confirm"

Your confirmation will then be sent automatically to Fleming.

Confirm by the deadline indicated to secure your seat!

International Applicants Who Applied Directly or Any Applicants With Offers of Admission to Upper Semester

You will be provided with appropriate instructions in your offer package as to how and when to confirm - often times by email or phone.

We will acknowledge receipt of your confirmation by email and mail.

Multiple Offers of Admission

If you receive more than one offer of admission, you are free to choose. Be aware though that accepting one offer declines your offer from the other program.

Register for Accessible Education Services

If you had an IEP in high school, or you have a documented disability, you will need to register with Counselling and Accessible Education Services. Contact us as soon as you accept an offer of admission.

Change Your Mind?

Up until the confirmation deadline indicated in your offer, you may still change your mind and amend your decision. If you change your mind after the confirmation deadline, space in your program may still be available - contact us.

Canadian Students

We will send an email to your Fleming email address and to any other email address you have provided to us, notifying you that your Fee Notification is available for you to review. Fee Notifications are issued in early May for Fall start programs and approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of the term for Winter and Spring start programs. Your fee notification will be available within the myCampus student portal.

International Students

Timelines and procedures for submitting your tuition deposit will be communicated in your offer of admission package. You will have been provided with a full cost-of-living summary for the purposes of applying for a study permit. More information is available on the Tuition and Other Expenses for International Students page.

To Find Your Fee Notification

  1. Sign in to the myCampus student portal and select My Student Centre
  2. On the first page inside the Student Centre, scroll down the page and select Fee Notifications/Account Info
  3. Click on the Fee Notification icon to display your fee information

Visit our Tuition and Ancillary Fees page for further information.

MyCampus Student Portal

Get Your timetable and learn about transfer credits.

This is a one-stop shop for all services that you, as a student, will require. On the homepage you will be provided with your weekly timetable, news and events, important dates and deadlines, policies and procedures, and information about lockers, parking, textbooks and more.

MyCampus Access

You will be granted access to the myCampus student portal after we receive your confirmation.

Make Your Money Plan: Financial Aid for New Students

We're here to help. Plan your budget, get a handle on how to apply for OSAP or check out scholarships and bursaries that might be available to you.

Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

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You Have Secured Your Acceptance and Want to Know How to Prepare.

Get a Head Start

Visit us during Welcome Days. Welcome Days are hosted during July at our Sutherland (Peterborough) and Frost (Lindsay) campuses.

Learn About Student Experience and Services

Learn more about Student Experience and Services available to support your academic and personal success.

OneCard = Student Photo ID Card

All registered students are issued a OneCard, the official Fleming College identification card. This card also gives you campus access as well as access to on- and off-campus services and can be used for point of sale transactions, such as on-campus dining, the bookstore and copy services. Find out, how to get your OneCard.

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Registration, Timetables and Course Changes

Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the start of class, you will have access within your myCampus - Student Centre to view your timetable and to make any necessary timetable changes.

Transfer Credit (Exemptions)

If you have taken credits at Fleming College, or other institutions that may qualify you for a transfer credit/exemption, please print out and complete the Transfer Credit Form available in the Registrar tab of your myCampus account. Your Transfer Credit Application form must be approved by your program coordinator and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

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Get to Know Your Campus.

Orientation activities take place at all campuses during the first week of class. Visit Orientation at Fleming College for further information and, rest assured, we'll be in touch with further information as well!

Welcome to Fleming College!

We're so glad you chose Fleming! We're always here to help – be sure to reach out for assistance if you need help at any point in your academic journey.

The Office of The Registrar

Whether online or in person, the Office of the Registrar is focused on providing efficient services to support your academic transition, integration and success at Fleming. The following services are available through the Registrar's Office:

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