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Fleming Announcements, Updates, and FAQs

Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

High School Students and Graduates

Fleming College is one of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology.

Step 1: Begin your application process

Begin your application process by reviewing program information, admission requirements and any potential program registration requirements. If you possess the appropriate admission requirements (or will possess them upon graduation) for the program(s) of your choice, proceed through the information that follows. If you are applying without the Admission Requirements listed, please see the Mature Students information. If you are an international student, please see the application information for International Students.

  • Apply online through ontariocolleges.ca (the Ontario Colleges Application Service).
  • You can indicate up to five programs of your choice (with a maximum of three programs at any single college).

Application guidelines:

Applications will be equally considered if received on or before February 1st. Any application after this date will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. This is important for over-subscribed (highly popular) programs where more applications are received than there is space available.

Fleming College accepts applications for admission up to the 10th day of class for a semester as long as there are seats available in the program for the semester. Ontariocolleges.ca accepts applications for all semesters of the next academic year in late October to early November of the previous year.

Step 2: Pay the application fee

Pay the $110.00 (non-refundable) application fee to ontariocolleges.ca. Payment options include credit card, online banking, cheque or money order.

Step 3: Submit your transcripts

If you are a current high school student, your school will transmit your grades to ontariocolleges.ca electronically.

If you are not currently attending high school, you must send official copies of your transcripts through ontariocolleges.ca

Step 4: Fleming College acknowledgement

Fleming College will acknowledge that your application has been received using the email address you provided on your application form. If changes are necessary to your name, address, program or start date after submission of the application, contact ontariocolleges.ca.

Step 5: Receive your acceptance package

Fleming College will advise you via email if you have been accepted to the Fleming College program(s) of your choice. You will also receive an offer package by mail.

Step 6: Confirm your offer

Confirm your offer of acceptance on the ontariocolleges.ca website by the confirmation deadline. While it is possible to receive acceptances to all of your choices, you are only permitted to accept one program offer per academic year.

If changes are necessary to your name, email or mailing address, program or start date after you have confirmed your offer, contact the Office of the Admissions Office.

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