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Post Graduate Programs

The Skills You Need for the Job You Want

These programs can help you add specialized skills to your college diploma or university degree - and give you an edge in the job market. We have programs in a wide variety of career areas, including the environment, business, technology, arts, and community development.

Our Post-graduate Programs Are

  • Short - usually offered over two or three semesters (six months to one year)
  • Built on professional advice, developed and taught by experts in the field
  • Targeted to the specific skills and knowledge employers need
  • Designed to give you the best possible real-world, real-work experience
  • Connected - our programs put you in touch with key industry contacts

Full-time Post Graduate Programs


"If you want a job in GIS, apply to this program, it will get you there. Quite a few organizations exclusively hire Fleming GIS graduates. The school prepares you for the real world and the teachers are professionals in their fields, with a lot of first-hand experience in many different areas, provinces and countries."

- Annie Brough, GIS -Cartographic Specialist Graduate

"The program helped me to become innovative, goal-oriented, business analytical, and a better communicator. In addition, Fleming College is approved as a Registered Education Provider (REP) by the Project Management Institute, providing a solid curriculum that teaches in-demand market skills."

- Joao Borges, Project Management Graduate

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