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Fleming Announcements, Updates, and FAQs

Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Tuition and Fees

Your tuition fees are set in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) fee guidelines and are approved by Fleming Colleges Board of Governors and your Student Association.

Learn about your tuition and fees

You will have fees on your student account other than just tuition. It is important you understand all of your fees and when they are due.

Tuition Fees

This is the cost associated with delivering your program, there are three things that can impact what you are charged:

  • Program you are enrolled in
  • Semester you are registered in
  • Domestic or international student status

Ancillary Fees

These fees are above and beyond your tuition and cover the cost of student support and services that assist you to be successful at Fleming College. Learn how ancillary fees provide resources and services that are important in supporting you as a student.

Program and Course Fees

You may have course and program-specific fees that will be charged to your student tuition account for the cost of: course materials, internship/co-operative education, placements, and/or memberships.

Miscellaneous and Administrative Fees

These are fees that are prompted by a request or action you take, and the associated fees are added to your student tuition account.

Extra Courses

Full-Time students will be required to pay fees for each course taken in excess of the normal full-time load for the current term of their program and for any non-credit course(s) they wish to take. Courses may include material fees (varies per course) and/or on-line course fee.

Health Plan Fees

For information about Health Plan fees please see the Student Health Plan section on our Fee Payment page.

Full-Time Students

A student registered in at least 70% of the total program credits or at least two-thirds of the number of courses in the term is classified as a full-time student according to MAESD guidelines for fee purposes.

Tuition amounts are specific to each program. Find your program on the Programs A - Z page.

Late Fees and Returned Or Declined Payments

It is your responsibility to ensure your payment is received by the college on or before the due date published in your Fee Notification. A late fee charge of $150 will be applied to your account for payments received after the Final Payment Deadline date.

A $30 fee will be charged for returned cheques, declined credit cards or payments returned to us for any reason.

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