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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees Table of Contents

Tuition fees for post-secondary, programs are set in accordance with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development fee guidelines.

Full-Time Students

A student registered in at least 70% of the total program credits or at least two-thirds of the number of courses in the term is classified as a full-time student according to MAESD guidelines for fee purposes.

Tuition amounts are specific to each program. Find your program on the Programs A - Z page.

Extra Courses

Full-Time students will be required to pay fees for each course taken in excess of the normal full-time load for the current term of their program and for any non-credit course(s) they wish to take. Courses may include material fees (varies per course) and/or on-line course fee.

Health Plan Fees

For information about Health Plan fees please see the Student Health Plan section on our Fee Payment page.

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