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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Frequently Asked Questions about Fee Payment

Frequently Asked Questions about Fee Payment

What is the tuition deposit?
The tuition deposit is $250. This is a non-refundable/ non-transferable amount that is directed in full towards your tuition and ancillary fees and is payable by all students except those who are sponsored. It is only paid once per academic year, unless you change your program within the academic year, or you take a term off with respect to your studies.
Students who are Crown Wards or Former Crown wards as defined by OSAP, are not required to pay the tuition deposit. Crown Ward students are to contact their Financial Aid Advisor for further details.
What is the Final Payment deadline date?
The Final Payment deadline date is the date by which you are required to pay the remaining balance of your fees. The remaining balance is your total tuition and ancillary fees, less the tuition deposit. The deadline date is published in your Fee Notification letter that you can access through your Student Centre, by logging into your myCampus portal. Payments received after the published deadline date will result in the payment of a late fee. Students admitted to waitlisted program could lose their seat in their program if payment is received after the Final Payment deadline date.
What if I'm applying for OSAP?
If you are applying for OSAP in most cases you need to do nothing more in terms of payment beyond the $250 tuition deposit. However, you do have to ensure that you have applied for OSAP and completed all necessary steps in full, including providing supporting documentation, as required by the Final Payment deadline date published in your Fee Notification letter.
What if I am not receiving sufficient OSAP to cover my tuition and ancillary fees?
If you are not receiving sufficient OSAP funding to pay your tuition and ancillary fees, you will be required to pay by the Final Payment deadline date, the difference between what your OSAP funding will provide and what your tuition and ancillary fees are for the term in question.
What is the late fee?
The late fee is $150 and will be levied if you miss paying the remainder of your fees by the Final Payment deadline date.
How are sponsored students affected by this change?
For sponsored students, there is no change to past practice. Students will continue to have to provide a Sponsorship Letter by the tuition deposit deadline date, detailing the terms and conditions of their sponsorship and the costs covered by the sponsorship.
What if I have been provided a conditional offer, pay my tuition deposit, but subsequently don't meet the conditions for Admission?
Under these circumstances a full refund of the $250 deposit will be granted.
Why is my payment not showing in my student account?
Payments can take 3-5 business days before they appear in your student account. Please contact us if your payment is not showing up in your student account after 5 business days.

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