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Fleming Announcements, Updates, and FAQs

Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

How to Apply

Applying from High School?

Contact your high school guidance office so that a counsellor can work with you to complete your application. Also see the High School Students and Graduates page for a step-by-step outline of the application process.

Applying as a Mature Student?

If you are 19 years or older by the beginning of classes, but have not yet completed your high school diploma, you will be considered a "mature student." Submit your application and any relevant high school transcripts to ontariocolleges.ca (additional testing or upgrading may be necessary for you to meet program admission requirements).

Connect with our Return to Learn Consultant.

Applying as an International Student?

All international students applying to post-secondary programs must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent. International students applying to post-graduate programs must have a recognized college diploma or university degree in a related field to the program of interest. Please see the following page for complete information about the application process and admission requirements for international students.

Advanced Standing

If you have Ontario university or college credits and are seeking advanced standing, request a copy of your post-secondary transcript using the on-line transcript request feature on the ontariocolleges.ca website.

If the college or university you attended was in another province, original transcripts can be mailed directly from your educational institution to Fleming College. There will be a fee charged to process your transfer credits.

Prior Learning Assessment And Recognition (PLAR)

If you are an adult learner returning to school, you may be eligible for college credits through PLAR. A fee is charged to process this application. For more information, see the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) page, or send an email to records@flemingcollege.ca, or call: 1.866.353.6464 ext. 1148.

When to Apply for Full-time programs

Apply by February 1 to meet the equal consideration deadline for programs starting in the upcoming academic year. Applications from qualified applicants received by February 1 and earlier receive equal consideration in application processing. This is important especially for highly competitive programs. Applications received after February 1 are processed on a first-come, first-served basis (until programs are full).

How to Apply for Continuing Education courses or certificates

For most courses, a student must be 19 years of age or have an OSSD. Some courses and certificate programs include additional requirements which are listed in the courses or certificate description. You can apply online, by phone or in person. See the following page for complete information about registering for Continuing Education courses or certificates.

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