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Tuition and Other Expenses

Academic Fees

International and domestic tuition and ancillary fees vary by program and are listed on individual program pages.

Returning International Student - Fee Payment Deadline Dates

* Please note that the dates below refer only to returning international students. Students new to the College or those that have applied to a new program are to refer to the fee payment deadline date(s) established in their Offer of Admission.

Payment Deadline Dates by Term
Fall 2019 Term
September 2, 2019
August 21, 2019
Winter 2020 Term
January 6, 2020
December 18, 2019
Spring 2020 Term
April 3, 2020
April 15, 2020
Other payment details:
  • If you are attending a program with a non-traditional start date, please refer to the details published in your fee notification
  • You will receive via your Fleming email account, notification of your fees

Not sure how to access your fee notification? Follow the instructions provided below:

Log in to the myCampus student portal. Click on My Student Centre from the left hand navigation menu. Scroll down the page and click on the Fee Notification/Account Info link. Select the Fee Notification button for the correct term to display your fee information in a PDF format. Be sure that you have pop up blockers disabled.

Living Expenses

The following is the approximate breakdown on the cost of living for a month, this is to be used for budget purposes only and amounts quoted are averages.

Shared Accommodation (including heat, hydro and water): $300 - $600 /month
Cellphone/ Mobile:$50 - $120 /month
Food:$200 - $300 /month
Miscellaneous$100 or more /month
Text books, supplies and instruments:$0 - $500 /term (see program pages for more information)

Note: Find your housing early for the best rates. Campus Residences have a deadline for application.

Health Costs

As an international student in Canada, you are responsible for all medical expenses incurred during your stay in Fleming College and in Canada. A short stay in the hospital can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and ruin forever your dreams of continuing with your education in Canada.

All foreign students must have adequate medical coverage during their stay in Canada. Students studying at Fleming College will be insured through ETFS Insurance. Cost of insurance will be approximately $370.00 per semester and is included in your tuition fee.

Refund Policy

To apply for a refund, you must complete and submit an International Student Withdrawal Form. The Withdrawal Form must be filled in completely to ensure that the refund is processed. You must submit your withdrawal request by the stipulated deadline in order to be eligible for a fee refund. You can submit your forms and documentation by either e-mail, drop off in person, mail or fax.

Download the International Student Withdrawal Policy

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