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Fleming Announcements, Updates, and FAQs

Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

International Arrival Services

We are excited to welcome you to Fleming College! Please review the below information carefully to best prepare for your arrival.

International Arrival Services

Before travelling, review current travel restrictions according to the government of Canada.

Update Your Visa Status on the iCent App

As an incoming Fleming student, it is necessary for you to follow the pre-registration steps in the iCent app.

Being prepared is super important for your success!

We've got some really helpful online sessions for you, hosted by International Student Services and other parts of the College. These sessions cover lots of stuff you'll need to know before coming to Canada, like immigration, housing, banking, health insurance, and college services.

We'll keep you updated regularly with all the info you need to get ready for your trip to Canada. It's really important that you join these sessions so you feel ready and confident when you arrive.

Just click the link below to sign up for all the sessions today:

Register Here

Finding Housing

You are responsible for finding your own accommodations for the duration of your studies. You should begin your search for housing NOW and make sure you budget for it.

Off-Campus Housing Office

Fleming College Off-Campus Housing Office has great resources for finding accommodations in the community. Get started with their online housing resources.

On-Campus Residence

For more information about On Campus Housing please visit the residence website.

Sutherland Campus, Peterborough: sutherland-residence@flemingcollege.ca

Frost Campus, Lindsay: frost-residence@flemingcollege.ca

Home Stay

If you would like to live with a local family, try these providers:

The Canada Homestay Network (Peterborough):


Contact: peterboroughinfo@canadahomestaynetwork.ca

MLI Homestay



Booking your flight ticket

According to IRCC, there is no set time frame for you to arrive in Canada before you begin your studies. Rather, it is recommended that you arrive to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to prepare before you start studying.

Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to work on or off campus until you begin your studies in Canada.

Booking Arrival Services (Shuttle and Hotel Stay)

Fleming College works with local shuttle companies to offer a shuttle service from Pearson airport to our campus communities. The shuttle can take you directly to your pre-arranged accommodations in Peterborough, Lindsay, or Haliburton.

If you have yet to secure accommodations, Fleming has partnered with local hotels to offer a three-night hotel stay.

If you wish to book our fee-based shuttle and/or 3-night hotel stay service, please make the bookings under the Arrival Services section in iCent.

The charges of the services are:
  • Shuttle: $150
  • Three-night hotel stay: $150

Please note: The transportation and hotel fees will be charged to your student account and must be paid by second semester to receive your timetable.

The transportation and hotel fees are subsidized by Fleming College. If you withdraw for any reason within the first semester, you will be charged the full cost of the shuttle and hotel stay (approximately $650).

If you need to change or cancel your bookings, you must provide at least two business days’ notice. Please contact international@flemingcollege.ca to request any changes to your bookings.

Arranging Transportation

If you wish to book your own transportation from Toronto Pearson Airport or Billy Bishop Airport to our Peterborough, Lindsay, or Haliburton, here are some providers:

Booking a Hotel Stay

If you wish to book your own hotel stay, here are some local hotels. Be sure to ask the hotels if they have a Fleming rate.



Short-term stays

Important items to bring with you:

  • Course Outlines from previous post-secondary studies (if you plan to apply for transfer credits)
  • International Driver’s Licence (if you plan to drive in Canada)
  • Resume/CV (if you plan to work part-time in Canada)
  • Canadian Currency to cover food, travel, accommodations, and emergencies until you can set up a bank account (in Canada, most merchants also accept US dollars)
  • Laptop and cellular phone: these may be cheaper at home than in Canada
  • Seasonal Clothing: Canada has 4 distinct seasons and you will need clothing for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, as well as:
  • Business clothing for school presentations, internships/work placements, and job interviews
  • Traditional clothing or other items for cultural/religious celebrations
  • Comfort Items: You might also like to bring your favorite spices and treats (check customs regulations, some food items are prohibited from entering Canada)
  • Face masks (minimum of 2 recommended) which cover your mouth and nose
  • One bottle of hand sanitizer up to 355 ml to be placed in carry-on luggage.
  • Food/Snacks and water (check with your airline regarding whether or not they will have any food available in-flight)
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Gloves (not necessary, but you may wish to bring some)

Please check your luggage weight and ensure it meets airline requirements.

For more information about what items to bring in your checked and carry-on luggage, please visit The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority website.

For more details on what to expect at the border when arriving by air and arriving by land (including wait times) please visit the Canadian Border Services Agency Website..

The Customs officer will issue you a Study Permit, and Co-op Work Permit if you are eligible. Check that all the information and spelling is correct on the permit and do not leave the Port of Entry without it.

Still have questions about what to bring? Contact us anytime: international@flemingcollege.ca

Entering Canada

Students will need to present the following printed documents to a Canada Border Services officer when they enter Canada:

  • A valid passport or travel document with valid Canadian Visa or ETA
  • The Letter of Introduction you received from the Visa Application Centre approving you to study in Canada
  • Proof of finances as per IRCC financial guidelines (GIC statement, etc.)
  • E-medical report (must be valid on the day you arrive) and Biometric information
  • English proficiency test results
  • Valid address where you will be living while studying in Canada
  • Acceptance letter from Fleming College

Note: Remember to have all these documents in your carry-on luggage in a location that is easy to access.

At the border/airport you will be asked:

  • To present all necessary documents as previously outlined
  • Disclose the funds you are carrying (You cannot have more than $10,000 CDN)
  • CBSA Declaration card: (It is mandatory to fill out this form and declare any goods you are bringing into Canada)
  • You may be asked several questions about your reason for entering Canada
  • The officer will issue you a Study Permit, and Coop Work Permit if you are eligible. Check that all the information and spelling is correct on the permit and do not leave the Port of Entry without it.

More details on what to expect at the border, on arriving by air and arriving by land (including wait times) can be found on the CBSA website.

After Arriving in Canada Complete the Arrival Check-in Form in iCent

The form can be found under the Mandatory Forms Section in iCent.

Health and Wellness

Morcare Health Insurance

All international students are covered by the Morcare Health Insurance Plan.

Morcare is available to assist you if you have any questions about your coverage or claim submissions. You can reach the Morcare team by calling 1-888-985-1552 or by visiting the Morcare website.

Early-arrival coverage is available 30 days before the start of the semester.

Instructions to download your health card will be sent to Fleming e-mail by day 10 of classes.

Free Wellness Resources


Please see the Orientation page for more information about your program.

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