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President’s Message

President’s Message Table of Contents

Welcome to Fleming College!

A Message from the President

At Fleming College we strive to offer the best possible educational experience for our students. We have a wealth of programs that feature practical, hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for the workplace, or for the next step on their academic pathway. Our knowledgeable and dedicated faculty and staff work with a keen focus on student success.

Fleming has something to offer to all students - post-graduate programs, apprenticeships, diploma programs and certificates as well as part-time or continuing education courses and online courses. This range of choices allows for greater flexibility and accessibility to better meet the diverse needs of our students. We are constantly reviewing and updating our programs and technology to ensure our students are fully prepared to embark on the career of their choice.

Each Fleming College campus boasts its own unique learning environment. Our Frost Campus in Lindsay, home to a nationally recognized portfolio of environmental education programs, is a model of sustainability with a windmill producing off-grid power, a green roof and an alternative waste water treatment system. Our Haliburton Campus, home to the Haliburton School of The Arts, features spacious new studios in a unique and inspiring setting. The Sutherland Campus in Peterborough is home to the new 87,000 square foot Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre. In Cobourg, the Esthetician students learn by operating a new on-site spa.

It is within these settings that our students are living, learning, thriving and achieving.

Fleming College is renowned as a world-class learning institution. While it attracts students of all ages from across Ontario and Canada, Fleming is also becoming a preferred choice for a growing number of international students.

Exchanges with other educational institutions from around the globe and international class trips that are part of the curriculum contribute to the college’s global outlook and ensures our students are prepared to succeed in a dynamic, evolving global community.

In all that we do here at the College, we strive to carry on the tradition of our namesake Sir Sandford Fleming, who was a great Canadian inventor and visionary.

We invite you to visit any of our campuses to see what Fleming is all about.

Tony Tilly, President, Fleming College

Dr. Tony Tilly

Dr. Tony Tilly is President of Sir Sandford Fleming College. Appointed in 2004, Dr. Tilly came to Fleming with background in teaching, educational leadership and consulting. Tony's focus is a strategic plan with six priorities, including excellence in student learning, superior services and facilities, sustainability, growth with positive results, building community success, and developing the Fleming working environment. Tony serves on several community-based boards and the board of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. He is immediate past chair of the Committee of Presidents of Ontario's colleges.

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