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The School of Environmental and Natural Resource Science is a place for the curious, for doers and thinkers. Students come to SENRS wanting to learn more about the natural world and how it is evolving and adapting in this unprecedented time. SENRS students leave our programs and go on to shape our community and natural landscapes. Situated on 150 acres of greenery, rivers, and lakes, SENRS is located at Fleming College’s Frost Campus and is home to some of Fleming College’s most popular and innovative programs.

Each year approximately 1,500 students come here to study at one of Canada’s most advanced environmental institutions. The SENRS learning experience can include the outdoors as the classroom along with access to industry equipment and expert faculty. Some programs utilize cutting edge simulation technology to prepare students for many of the real world challenges that await them. Whether your interest is focused on environmental, forestry, geological, equipment operation or geographic information systems, SENRS has a program that will deliver the skills and knowledge that industry needs.

The natural environment surrounding the Frost Campus is a living laboratory. Features such as the arboretum, agricultural garden, pollinator garden, geothermal system, apiary and wetland all contribute to our students’ education and success. The diverse programming and unique combination of hands-on learning, paid co-ops and work placements opens multiple doors for students. Students can earn a dual-diploma from our SENRS program offerings or start a diploma-to-degree program with one of Fleming’s many partner institutions as well as pursue a post-graduate certificate. Regardless of which door a student chooses, the path leads to an enriching career in some of the fastest growing fields around the world.


Our School offers a variety of study options depending on your educational and career goals: certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and graduate certificates. We also offer part-time learning opportunities within select programs.

Featured Program

Animal conservation biology has grown in recent years with the global loss of species diversity due to habitat destruction, disease, and climate change. The Conservation Biology program helps address this – it is the only diploma program in Ontario that focuses solely on applied skills and research in animal biodiversity conservation.


“Conservation Biology is a field where research and management are put into practice to save species. Our program trains students in the applied skills and critical thinking required to make real conservation decisions, and both students and faculty are dialed-in to current issues, resulting in rich dialogue and debate. At Fleming, you’ll meet friends and future colleagues who share your passion to conserve the world’s biodiversity.”

- Erin McGauley, Professor


Students within most of our diploma programs take the same courses during the first semester. This provides foundational knowledge and skills that students can apply to related areas of study. The best part? Once you start, you may find another program is a better fit for your goals and interests. You can transfer into your preferred program in semester two, depending on capacity and academic requirements. Learn more about Common First Semester here.

Dual Diplomas/Certificates

Double the power of your diploma! Most of our diploma programs and some of our certificate programs allow you the opportunity to obtain a second credential with just one or two more semesters of study. Expand your skill set and your career options. Learn more here.

Program Clusters

Have an area of interest but not sure exactly which program is the right fit for you? Learn more about program content and career options within these specializations:
Trees and Forestry
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

New! Micro-credentials

Explore our new micro-credential programs:

Sustainable Food Production

Urban Forestry

Take Your Education Farther

Obtain a university degree through one of the many education pathways available to graduates.

Research in Action

Discover applied research opportunities for students at our Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies and our Centre for Innovative Aquaculture Production.