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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Tutoring and Learning Skills

Tutoring and Learning Skills can help students reach their academic potential by providing support focused on individual needs.

Tutoring provides course-specific support any student requiring additional assistance. We offer FREE tutoring in hundreds of courses. Students can access up to 2 hours per week of course specific tutoring and attend unlimited drop-in sessions.

Learning Skills focuses on the development of skills in areas students find most challenging. This includes learning how to manage your time, stay organized, remembering the most important information you can, learning how to study smart (and not always hard), and getting practical tips for group work and presentations.

  • Meet with a Peer Tutor to work on strengthening your understanding of course content.
  • Book an appointment with a Learning Strategies Advisor to work on skills and practices that will support your learning.
  • Learn how to break down an assignment or ask for guidance on how to better manage your time with a Learning Strategies Advisor.
  • Get some help with writing or drop into a math session for some foundational support to help you improve your grades.

For more information please visit the Student Learning Supports website

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