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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Applied Projects

In these programs that promote experiential learning, Fleming College students are partnered with a variety of business and industry organizations to undertake projects in real -world workplace settings. These extensive applied projects are completed over the course of the semester at no salary cost to the sponsoring company.

How Can Your Enterprise Get Involved?

  1. Discuss your needs with us and we invite you to make a request for proposal.
  2. Faculty will provide a brief proposal to handle your request. You may also negotiate refinements to the proposal we provide.
  3. We will post the proposal for student selection early in the planning semester, and will inform you if a student team agrees to undertake the proposal as a project.
  4. During the planning semester, the student team will make a detailed proposal to define project activities and term of reference.
  5. Interested in becoming a sponsor? You can register as an applied projects sponsor and specify the scope of work by filling out this application.

Applied Projects for Business Programs

For more information please contact:

Shannon Bellamy

Applied Projects & Field Placement Liaison


Examples of Projects in the Public and Private Sectors

  • Project Management:
    Students’ primary role will be to initiate, plan execute and close a project using internationally recognized PMI® principles.
  • Marketing Plans and Projects:
    Creation and revisions to marketing plans or individual projects and executions. These may involve making recommendations on strategic direction, branding, design and the actual execution of programs if time permits.
  • International Business:
    Student will complete projects on a range of business issues involving international enterprises with a specific view of the global business climate. Topics may involve import, export, regulatory requirements, logistics, customs and tariffs etc.
  • Sporting Goods Management:
    In the highly competitive world of sports, it is increasingly important to manage related goods and services in a professional manner using a broad base of strong business skills.
  • Systems and Technology:
    Research hardware and software and plan your technology and system's needs. Research prices, order equipment and set up equipment and get it working. Learn how to use the equipment or software and train you to use them
  • Blogging:
    Begin and/or maintain a technology blog. (including linking to other blogs, commenting on other blogs, set up Google ads on the blog , analyze blog traffic etc.)
  • Database Management:
    Research database management / client management system and create and/or update the system. Add your contacts and customers to the system. Streamline the system to fit the needs of you and your company; automate manual systems; backup systems etc.
  • Social Media:
    Research social media outlets that are relevant to your company; create and manage your company's presence on social media sites; look for high visibility opportunities within social media outlets, analyze results
  • Website Development:
    Create a new website with database capabilities. Update your website with new current information; redesign website - new look and layout - Google analytics - research and analyze web traffic stats . Create an e-commerce website with all your products.
  • Mobile Apps:
    Create a mobile app with your products and services and add the ability to create a shopping list- have an app that adds special deals of the week.

Project Showcase

Every year our enterprising technology and business students develop real-world solutions for local and national businesses. Bell Canada sponsors an Innovation Forum where students showcase the innovative work being done for a wide variety of clients and industries.

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