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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Environmental Project Management - Canadian Context

Gain valuable project management skills with a unique focus on the environment and sustainability in this four-semester post-graduate program.

Project Management – Environmental prepares graduates for careers focused on project coordination within the environmental industry. This includes areas of environmental science, urban planning, forestry, sustainability, ecological restoration, and ecosystem management. Students gain skills in the initiation, planning, and execution of a wide range of environmental projects as well as monitoring, controlling, and closing projects.

The program emphasizes Agile Project Management due to the complex nature of the environmental industry. Students will also learn PMI® (Project Management Institute) foundational principles and performance domains. Collaborative team projects and presentations allow students to expand their business leadership skills while the use of project management software tools will prepare students for the demands of the industry. A capstone applied project in semester 4 provides real-world experience – students will work in teams on a community project.

Fleming has been a leader in environmental education for more than 50 years. Our graduates can be found working in environmental and natural resource industries across Canada and around the world. Frost Campus, home to our School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, is a living lab, providing a variety of opportunities for outdoor learning.

Get valuable real-world experience through a capstone applied project in semester 4. Working in teams, students will coordinate an environmental project in their community. This will include stakeholder consultation and management, contract management, and the need to track project progress and timelines.

Graduates will be qualified to work as administrative officers, administrative coordinators, or operations officers/administrators within public administration roles in government or for private sector organizations.

Program Code: ELM

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Frost Campus

September 2024, January 2025, May 2025

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