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Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Dual Credit (DC) courses are college courses delivered by college faculty to carefully selected secondary school students. If successful, students will get both secondary school and college credit(s). Dual Credit courses may be taught at the secondary school or at Fleming College. There are no costs associated with Dual Credit courses for secondary school students.

DC courses are designed to assist students in making a seamless transition from secondary school to college or apprenticeship. One of the greatest advantages of taking a Dual Credit course is having the college experience. All Dual Credit students are set-up with a Fleming student account, including a student number. They will gain experience using the College learning management system Desire2Learn "D2L" before entering as a post-secondary student.

Please note: Dual Credit course offerings are subject to change without notice.

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All Dual Credit courses are part of a Fleming College program. Search by Dual Credit course to find programs or search by program to find Dual Credit courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers Dual Credit courses?

DC courses are available at virtually every secondary school and college in Ontario.

What Dual Credit course(s) are offered at my school?

DC courses vary from school to school and semester to semester. Contact your school Guidance or Student Success office for more information.

General Education Courses

Some Dual Credit courses are General Education Electives that may satisfy the general education requirement across a variety of Fleming programs. For more information: https://flemingcollege.ca/programs/general-education-electives

Can anyone sign up for a Dual Credit Course?

DC Courses are targeted to specifically identified students and entrance requirements for DC courses may vary by course, school or board. Your local guidance counsellor can tell you what is available, what the requirements are, and can help you to apply.

How many Dual Credit courses can a student take?

Students are allowed to have up to four college-delivered Dual Credit courses and an unlimited number of team-taught Dual Credits.

What does it cost to take a Dual Credit?

There are no costs for secondary school students attending a Dual Credit Course. Books and transportation are provided free of charge to all students attending regularly.

How long is a Dual Credit?

College course hours vary. Dual Credit courses are usually delivered once or twice per week within the normal high school timetable. Travel time and required field trips may impact other secondary school courses in certain cases.

What to do if a student will be absent?

A student who will be absent must contact the secondary school following the normal absence procedures. Students should also notify the college instructor. Frequent absences will put the successful completion of the credit in jeopardy.

Pathways into a College program

Fleming Dual Credit students, who are now attending a full-time program at the College, may be eligible to transfer their previously completed dual credit courses to their current program of study. Please visit the Registrar’s office or email our Transfer Credit Coordinator if you have any questions about the internal transfer credit process.

Will my Fleming College Dual Credit apply at another College?

In some cases, your Fleming College DC will apply to your course of study at another college. Contact the Office of the Registrar of the college you will attend for more information.

Will a Dual Credit from another college be applicable at Fleming College?

Depending on your program and the DC taken, it might. If you have taken a Dual Credit course at another College, please send a sealed official transcript to the Registrar’s Office ATTN: Transfer Credit Coordinator, along with a completed Transfer Credit Form. The Transfer Credit Form can be submitted by signing-in to myCampus and accessing the link under Student Self Serve Options > Transfer Credit Request.


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