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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Centre for Innovative Aquaculture Production (CIAP)

The Centre for Innovative Aquaculture Production (CIAP): meeting the applied research needs of Canada’s commercial aquaculture and supporting industries.

Located at our Frost Campus in Lindsay, Ont., our Centre for Innovative Aquaculture Production (CIAP) is a modern and dynamic facility for industry-focused applied research related to aquaculture. Research projects can occur on-site in our hatchery, at partner locations, or in the field. In addition to collaborating on research projects with industry, we have established partnerships with other academic institutions, government and NGOs, and Indigenous communities.

CIAP provides students with exciting opportunities for engaging in applied research projects as well as the valuable experience of working closely with the research team and industry partners.

Our areas of specialization and expertise include:

  • Innovative feed ingredients
  • Aquaculture facility design optimization, and production planning
  • Efficacy testing for novel technologies
  • Best practices for the rearing of unique species
  • Impacts of fish culture practices
  • Performance improvements

The CIAP team offers a wide scope of research options within our well-equipped facilities. These include:

  • Small scale efficacy assessments to full scale commercial projects
  • Controlled experiments for optimizing performance of novel feed additives
  • Proof of concept for rearing practices for novel species of culture
  • Broodstock characterization and development
  • Assessment and characterization of aquaculture byproducts for reuse applications
  • Environmental impact assessments for sustainability certifications

And coming soon:

  • Custom feed milling for small quantities with unique and proprietary feed recipes
  • And once our new hatchery is open, multiple recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) rearing spaces with wide-ranging thermal regimes and salinity levels

A new $6.6M CIAP research facility is currently being built at Frost Campus. However, research is already underway at partner locations as well as at our existing Frost Campus Salmonid Hatchery.

Once completed, the new hatchery will provide a highly modular and customizable rearing space for multiple cold, cool, and warm water species, including freshwater, and brackish environments. With the capacity to operate three individual isolated RAS labs with separate and unique rearing conditions, we will offer our industry partners a diverse suite of simultaneous research project options.

Fleming’s CIAP team includes scientists, faculty researchers, and technologists with strong connections to Canada’s aquaculture industry. We are committed to helping shape and grow the country’s aquaculture industry through innovation, sustainability, and knowledge transfer.

Angelique Pichette M.Sc., Research Scientist

Angelique has a diverse background in commercial aquaculture and research that spans two countries and several Canadian provinces. As a Technologist for CIAP, Angelique leads day-to-day operations at the research facility, as well as planning and executing project logistics. Angelique has experience working with large commercial aquaculture operations (including Grieg Seafood), fresh and saltwater environments, and has an expertise in crustacean culture aquaculture. Angelique holds a Hons. B.Sc. in Marine Biology from Guelph University and a M.Sc. from James Cook University in Australia.

Victor Fung M.Sc., Research Technologist

Victor has experience working with and raising a variety of aquatic life for commercial, research, and conservation purposes. These experiences have given him a strong understanding of aquaculture operations and animal husbandry practices. As a Research Technologist for CIAP, Victor assists in the maintenance and operation of the research facility and the planning and implementation of research projects. Victor has a Hons. B.Sc. in Marine and Freshwater Biology and M. Sc. in Integrative Biology from the University of Guelph.


Marc Patenaude
Research & School Operations Manager
Centre for Innovative Aquaculture Production  (CIAP)
Frost Campus, Fleming College
200 Albert St. S., PO Box 8000
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.  K9V 5E6
1-705-324-9144 ext 3022
Toll Free 1-866-353-6464


How do I begin?

Contact us to get started. We’ll set up a consultation meeting and create your custom project plan.

Are projects restricted to the CIAP site?

No. CIAP applied research projects can happen at any location, including industry partner facilities, and at tertiary locations such as other academic institutions or government facilities, as required. The CIAP team has wide ranging field experience at all types of aquaculture facilities and in natural systems.

How much will my project cost?

Fees vary depending on project type and length. Contact us for more information.

Is there funding available?

We have several programs in place to help reduce project costs. Funding options can be explored during the initial consultation. Contact us to learn more about our funders as well as funding opportunities.

What happens with the intellectual property (IP) once my project is complete?

For most projects, the industry partner remains the sole owner of IP. Intellectual property allocation is discussed during the initial consultation and agreed upon before the project begins.

Who will be working on my project?

The Centre has a core staff of scientists and technicians. Our project managers and scientists will lead the project from start to finish. Occasionally students will assist with our research team. (Student participation may be required for certain types of funding.) All researchers sign non-disclosure agreements.

Which fish/shellfish species can CIAP work with?

Fleming College has an Ontario aquaculture license for culturing over 10 species and is expanding the license to include more. Contact us for more details.

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