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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Off-Campus Housing

How to Avoid Rental Scams

How to Avoid Rental Scams

Off-Campus Housing At Fleming College

Fleming College is committed to providing all students with information and resources to locate off-campus housing in our region. Working with multiple agencies and partners, Fleming College has a dedicated housing team that includes a Housing Community Coordinator ready to assist students with their off-campus housing search. Any Fleming students who are struggling to find off-campus housing should contact our Off-Campus Housing office.

Off-Campus Housing Support

Comprehensive housing support, provided through our Off-Campus Housing Office, begins before incoming students arrive in our region, and continues throughout their time at Fleming. Our Housing Community Coordinator offers one-to-one personalized housing support and holds regular workshops for incoming students focusing on finding housing in our campus communities.

Community Partnerships

Fleming works to establish relationships with local landlords and is an active partner with Places4Students, a third-party website which connects students with local landlords. Relationships with local agencies have been created to provide a warm referral for external supports in our campus communities.

Support For Student Tenants

Fleming employs a dedicated Housing Community Coordinator who is a certified RentSmart Educator, able to teach the RentSmart Education program. This program is designed as a life skills approach to help our students at Fleming have successful tenancies. Student Housing Guides, created in partnership with our campus municipalities and Trent University, help students navigate the ins and outs of finding a rental unit. These guides include information on everything from negotiating a lease to tenant rights and responsibilities.

Partnering With Local Landlords

Local landlords are critical in providing housing to students, and Fleming College encourages landlords in our campus communities to rent units and rooms to our students. The College has created a landlord toolkit to help landlords understand their obligations, rights, and responsibilities, and provides resources and information to foster successful tenancies. Fleming has also created a landlord toolkit to encourage landlords in our campus communities to rent rooms and units to Fleming students.

Off-Campus Housing Information and Resources

We want to welcome you to live in Peterborough, Lindsay, or Haliburton in one of our amazing campus communities. Please check out all there is to offer in our Student Housing guides.

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