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Enterprise Sponsorship

Enterprise Sponsorship Table of Contents

The enterprise sponsor is one who provides the setting for a real-world problem to form the basis of the student project.

Request for Proposal

The formal step for making a request for a project is to use the Request for Proposal form. You are welcome to discuss your enterprise needs and /or project request informally with the Co-ordinator before submitting your request.

The co-ordinator or mentor will respond to the request with a brief proposal. You may also negotiate refinements to the proposal we provide.

We will post the finalized proposal for student selection in early September, and will inform you by October 1 if a student team agrees to undertake the proposal as a project.

For additional information that describes process and timelines, download the Sponsor Facts.

The Proposal Response

After we receive your proposal, we will send an establishment proposal in response to the RFP. It will include :

  • The Project Team:
    We will recommend a student roster by program of study that best suits your project. Depending on the project, teams range from 2 to 4 members.
  • Enterprise Benefits
    We will describe the services and/or products and identify the users of each service and product.
  • Learning Opportunities
    We will describes how the project activities contribute to student learning outcomes.

Submit a Request for Proposal

For winter projects, it is important that you send a request for proposal or contact us by mid-August.

Plan and execute a Project

A faculty mentor will guide a team of students to plan and execute the project. The mentor may add additional activities depending on the expected learning to be achieved.

  • Selection
    Students bid on projects of interest and mentors complete a team formation and project selection process during September.
  • Planning
    During the fall, the student team determines project requirements and creates a project plan. This includes technical discussion, user research (job shadow), work breakdown, project schedule, facilities, expenses, ownership, roles, and a reporting plan.
  • Execution
    During the winter, students execute the project full-time including regular reviews by the mentor. The sponsor typically participates in 1 or more review meetings.
  • Technology Showcase
    This is a public celebratory event with keynote speakers, formal project presentations, and demonstrations. Each team will deliver a professional presentation to describe the project problem, implementation, and results.

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