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Information For Students

For students, who have completed their second year in a Business or Technology program, and are intending to complete a 3-year program; the final (6th) semester is one where you work full-time on projects and problems, in teams of 2 to 4, under the guidance of a mentor.

During the previous semester (5th semester), you will bid on projects of interest. After appropriate teams are formed, you plan the project as part of the mandatory course GNED042, Working with Business and Industry. Typical projects are those established by faculty with outside enterprises. You may have your own business and industry contacts who would be interested in sponsoring a project. If so, contact Ghada Hussein

Ghada will work with them to establish the project. As the person making the referral, you will have priority in being assigned that project (although you may choose another project instead). As an option, some of you may wish to make your own project request. If you do, you must use the request for proposal (RFP) form by mid-August. Note that by making a request, you will have priority in being assigned that project (although you may choose another project instead).

What is Applied Projects at Fleming?

It is a yearlong process with three phases.

  • Establishing (May to August)
    Co-ordinator and mentors establish enterprise sponsorship and other project activities.
  • Planning (September to December)
    Mentors are instructors in the course working with business and industry, a mandatory general education course. Students bid on projects of interest and teams are formed. Mentors guide student teams with planning activities.
  • Executing (January to April)
    Mentors guide student teams with executing the project full-time (no other courses) during the project-based semester.

What is a Project Sponsor?

The sponsor is one who provides the setting for a real-world problem to form the basis of the project. Faculty mentors may add additional activities depending on the expected learning to be achieved.

What are the types of Projects?

Projects can involve a combination of information / database, simulation, internet / intranet systems, computer network, electrical, electronic, electromechanical, robotic, control, and automation systems. Suitable projects are those to design, test, and evaluate a mock up of a proposed or alternative system that enterprise is planning to commission. Primarily it must be a learning experience.

Who Sponsors Projects?

Some enterprises have back-burner projects that are non-mission critical but can add value to their products and/or services. College staff may have similar needs. Students may optionally propose a project idea of their own. This may be a useful option in case projects proposed by enterprise or college staff are not of interest.

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