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Project Archives

Projects in 2013

Project Sponsor

Project Title

Four Seasons Jewelry

Four Seasons E-Commerce & Product Development Projec

Peterborough Lakefield Police Association

Prisoner Detention Registration

Fleming College-CTY Program

Quad-copter Prototype Development

Fleming College-CTY Program

Green House Phase 2

Fleming College-CTY Program

Pick-Web Development

Projects in 2012

Project Sponsor

Project Title

Steelworks Design Inc.

Application Update

The Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough

Technology Management Project

CardioMed Supplies Inc.

Labelling / Bar Coding

Otonabee Region Conservation Authority

Technological Enhancements - Local Flood Forecasting and Drought Monitoring Services

Peterborough-Lakefield Police

Bicycle Registration Database
Prisoner Detention Database
Intranet Re-Design
On-Line Crime Reporting System
On-Line Record Check System

Fleming College-CTY Program

Green House Automation

Fleming College-CSI Program

Cloud Computing Research
Network Forensics

Projects in 2011

Project Sponsor

Project Title

Otonabee Region Conservation Authority

Hydrometeorological Monitoring Network

Steelworks Design Inc.

Network Upgrade and Improvements

Steelworks Design Inc.

CNC Networking

Cambium Environmental

Ontario Wastewater Systems Registry

Peterborough-Lakefield Police

Computer Network Revamp

Peterborough-Lakefield Police

Cruiser Laptop Security

Fleming College-CTY Program

Computer Engineering Lab Update

Fleming College-CTY Program

PIC-Web App Development

Fleming College-CTY Program

Virtual Network Research

Fleming College-CTY Program

Windows 7 OS Security Investigations

Fleming College-CTY Program

Cloud Computing Security Investigations

Projects in 2010

Project Sponsor

Project Title

InsightHR Consulting

Talent Forward


Nexicom Training Portal

Hot Spot

Hot Spot Services Development


RuralWave On-line TV Broadcast

Computer Engineering Technology Program

Smart House Lab Re-development

Computer Engineering Technology Program

Microcontroller Engineering

Ritz Plastics

Tool/Mold Database Program

Computer Engineering Technology Program

Chin-Controlled Wheel Chair


FirstVision Placement

Computer Engineering Technology Program

Network Systems Research

Computer Security & Investigations Program

UBIKEY/data Mining

Computer Security & Investigations Program

Storage Area Network & Cloud Computing

Projects in 2009

Project Sponsor

Project Title

EcoVue Consulting Services, Inc.

Project Budgeting, Time Management & Billing Database Design

SIRCH Community Services & Consulting

School's Cool Instructor Training


Ruralwave Interface

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

PRHC Systems Analyst

Computer Engineering Technology Program

Smart Fridge Rebuild

SoBC&H - DSE Automotive

Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle


Corporate Website Project


ESI Analysis

Computer Security & Investigations Program

UBIKEY Secure Server Project


Open Source Intelligence Collection and Data Mining

Computer Security & Investigations Program

RFID and Peer to Peer Forensics

Projects in 2008

Project Title Project Sponsor

Warranty Tracking System

McCloskey International Limited, OCE

ROHS Compliant Ballast

TechniLite Systems Inc, OCE

Applications for Online Services

Nexicom, OCE

Talent Forward

InsightHR, OCE

Customs Administration: ACROSS

Law and Security Administration - Customs Border Services

Website and Learning Modules

Engaged CFT, OCE

Corporate Network Systems Deployment

Zircatec, OCE

Build Liquid Handler with Adept Modules

School of Law and Justice

Emergency Food Inventory Project

Kawartha Food Share, OCE

Learning Upgrade

Peterborough Catholic School Board, OCE

Monidax Intrusion Detection System and Front End




IT Risk and Vulnerability Assessments


Automated Mouse Room Surveyor

School of Business, Computing & Hospitality

Wireless Weather Station

School of Business, Computing & Hospitality

Network Storage Cluster

Fleming College - Student Services

Forensic Mapping


Advanced Vista Forensics

School of Law and Justice

RFID Forensics Research

School of Law and Justice â€" Computer Security & Investigations

Digital Forensics in Unorthodox Media

School of Law and Justice â€" Computer Security & Investigations

Bluetooth Forensics

School of Law and Justice â€" Computer Security & Investigations

Projects in 2007

Project Sponsor Project Title

PepsiCo Foods Canada Inc. / OCE

PepsiCo Online Training Modules

PepsiCo Foods Canada Inc. / OCE

PepsiCo Workforce Optimization Software

Golden Bear Energy Conservation Consulting / OCE

Conversion of Normal Vehicle to Hybrid Vehicle

Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes / OCE

Volunteer Database Development And Website Enhancement

Wild Rock Outfitters / OCE

Wild Rock Outfitters Inventory Control

Operitel Corp. / OCE

LearnFlex Automated Deployment Strategy

Centre for Alternative Wastewater Technology / OCE

Wastewater Treatment Information Acquisition and Management

Rural Wave / OCE

Wireless ISP

School of Law & Justice

Wireless Suite

Peterborough Guild

Membership/Box Office System

School of Law & Justice


School of Law & Justice

Malware Analysis

School of Law & Justice

Advanced Penetration Testing â€" CAT2.0

Rentec / OCE

Instrumentation and Control System for RENTEC Bioenergy Facility

GenoPod, Inc / OCE

RFID Technologies for DNA Sample Containers

Panel King / OCE

Insulated Panel Manufacturing for an Energy Services Company

School of Law & Justice

Information Management Security & Emergency Management

Operitel-Michael Skinner

Security Assessment

GenoPod, Inc / OCE

DNA Collection Research and Technology Integration

OPP / School of Law & Justice

Security Assessment

Fleming College â€" IT Department


GenoPod, Inc / OCE

GenoPod Product Development

Projects in 2006

Project Sponsor Project Title

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes-CITO

All Systems Go

Trent Summer Sports Camp

Registration Tracking System

Peterborough Technology Services-CITO

Configuration Management Database

iBuilt Homes (East) Inc.-MMO

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Design Program

School of Business - Marketing

Marketing Program Communication Website

Northeast Seed Management Association-CITO

Media Database

School of Technology & Skilled Trades

Project Staging Lab Management

Community Living Peterborough-CITO

Community Living Communications

Peel Environmental Network

Peel Environmental Websites

Northumberland Services for Women

Building a Family Violence Website

Pathways for Children Youth and Families of York Region-CITO

Homebase Database

DNA Profiling & Forensic Centre (DPFC)-MMO

Packard Automated Liquid Handlersâ€' Retrofit

City of Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club-CITO

Upgrade and enhancement support

City of Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club

Web site development and technology strategic plan

School of Law & Justice

Refurbish and Commission BTF Work Cell

DNA Profiling and Forensic Centre-MMO

Extraction Platform Controller Modifications

KnowAboutCanada Inc-CITO

KAN Online Security Systems

GPS Pursuit-CITO

GPS Remote Data Collection

School of Technology & Skilled Trades

EEG Controlled Wheelchair

School of Law & Justice - CSI

Anti Forensic Tools & Techniques

School of Law & Justice - CSI

Root Kit Analysis

School of Law & Justice - CSI

Advanced Penetration Testing

School of Law & Justice - CSI

Embedded Technologies


Business Security Systems Development

School of Law & Justice â€" CSI

Net Trawl


Production Line Automation

Projects in 2005

Project Sponsor Project Title

S.C.S. Construction Services

Construction Estimating Program

Omron Canada

Industrial Controls
adapted to Residential Applications


Long term care Systems Integration

Lakefront Utility Services Inc./Cobourg

Info Sys Security

ZTR Control Systems

Online Document Management System

Wimcare in collaboration with ATHAR

RFID Glove

City of Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club

Network Upgrade

Develop Web

Ministry of Natural Resources

Webtrends - Automating Reports

Endevour Aerospace Company of Canada

Aircraft GPS flight data database

Operitel Corp

CRM Solution

Pension Valuators of Canada

Database Management Integration

Trent University â€' Interactive Learning Centre

Onâ€'Line Project Management System

Peers Caning

Website evaluation & redesign

Bell Canada

Bell Canada â€" Digital Provisioner â€" Phase #2

Fleming FTS-Apprenticeship

Trainers for
Apprenticeship Labs

Fleming L&J

Intrusion Detection


Embedded Technology, Data Recovery & data Removal Tools


Forensic Tool Deployment

Security Alert Website

Fleming ACES

Flight Simulator Controller Development and Drive Upgrade

Staging Lab Management

Infrared Body Scanner

Automation Lab Workstation Development

Projects in 2004

Project Sponsor Project Title
Adam Scott CNC Router Memory Upgrade
William T. McCleave
Jesler Enterprises Inc. Force Feedback Seat
Fleming College, Management and Business Studies Marketing @ Fleming - Program Website
Canada Pallet Pallet Marking
Friends of the Trent Severn Waterway Visitor Information Web Enhancement
Fleming College, Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences Button Press
Student CSI Web
SciChoice Solutions Corp. RoadRunner Logistics Improvement
Peterborough Fire Department Fire Service Instructors' Website
Fleming College, Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences 802.11 and WLAN Security Training Web
Trent Metal Automatic Elbow Workcell Design
Fleming College, Health Services Immunization Database
Bell Canada Digital Provisioner
London Food Bank Food Distribution Tracking Software
Peterborough Technology Services City of Peterborough Intranet
Inventor's Resource Co-operative Enigm'e Word Search Game Upgrade
Fleming College, Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences Robotic Exoskeleton
Software Design Consultants Inc. (S.D.C.) Engine Information System (EIS)
Peterborough Green-Up Peterborough Green-Up Website
Fleming College, Applied Technologies for Healthy Aging Research Tactile and Temperature Feedback for the Hand
Carma Industries Inc. Carma Industries Inc. Web Site Upgrade
Software Design Consultants Inc. (S.D.C.) Wind Turbine System
Carma Industries Inc. Through Whole Profiler Card
Fleming College, ULT Project (CITO, Wimcare) CDMA to 802.11 Protocol Switching
ULT Project Test Services
ULT Project Verification and Help System Development
Trent University, Peterborough DNA Cluster Project Development of Data Capture System
Art Gallery of Peterborough Interactive Work Station
Fleming College, Applied Projects Staging Lab Management
Mitel Networks Design Quality Assurance
TGF Bumper and Fender Inc. TGF Network
Ted Wilkins Wilkins Fluid Drive Bike
Fleming College, Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences Robot Lab Automation

Projects in 2003

Project Sponsor Project Title
Trent University, Wildlife Forensic Laboratory Automated DNA Extraction
Web Site Interface for Forensics Laboratory
Firehall Fast Food Station Firehall Entertainment Automation
Carleton University, Centre for Applied Cognitive Research Pilot Simulation
Techni-Lite Systems Inc. Automatic Cut-to-Length Machine
Diversified Communications PBX Configuration Management
Fleming College, Law and Justice CSI Computers
Trent University, Lady Eaton College TAcTIC Web Site Update
Linux Server Configuration & Security Audit
Fleming College, Applied Technologies for Healthy Aging Research (ATHAR) Network Design and Server Setup for PLS
Embedded Control of Directional Antennas for PLS
Research Systems Integration of Residential Appliances
Mechanical Hand Human Interface
Bell Canada Online Reservation and Resource Booking Facility
Online Workload Radar Screen
Online CPI Form Submission and Tracking Tool
QTG Canada End-User Service Management
Fleming College, School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences Safety Needs Analysis
General Electric Production Information System
Richard Christie Remote Indicator Level
Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) GSCN Project Management Database
Fleming College, Fulford's Dining Lounge Fulford's Dining Lounge Website
Peterborough Public Library Healthy Families Web Site
Fisher Gauge Tooling and Quality Information Portal
Fleming College, Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences Robot Protein Separation
Fluid Drive Mountain Bike
Art Gallery of Peterborough Study of Interactive Art Gallery Computer Systems
Christian Horizon House Six Christian Horizon Information System
Queen's University, Department of Chemical Engineering Engineering Technology for Queen's TEAM
Detective - Combined Drugs Unit Sodium Light Detector
Endevour Systems Aircraft Data Transfer
Student with Private Partner Electric Drive Wagon
Software Design Consultants Inc. (S.D.C.) Upgrade Fundraising Software

Projects in 2002

Project Sponsor Project Title
Tranplan Associates Ltd. Traffic Counter Development
Peterborough Arts Umbrella E Commerce Development
Small Business Manager Inc. Data-driven Web
Peterborough Symphony Online Dream Auction Development
Nexicom KnowledgeBase Solutions Warehouse
Ministry of Natural Resources Resource Reservation and Billing System
Breken Technologies Group e-Municipality
General Electric SIAC Production System
Telus National Systems Code Library System
ACES Develop Contacts Database
Peterborough Green Up Develop Reservations Database
Turnkey Automation Inc. Educational Robot
Peterborough Public Library Library Portal
MED e-care Healthcare Solutions with Applied Technologies for Healthy aging research (ATHAR) Remote Office Access Development
Techni-Lite Systems Inc. Electronic Test Jig for Prod. Quality Test
City of Peterborough Cultural and Heritage Web Site Dev.
LAB Interlink Engineering Database Development
  Internet Service Cam
reBOOT north Reused Computers as Firewalls
Toronto Public Library Virtual Scrapbook and Health Assist App
Community Opportunity & Innovation Network (COIN) CAP Network Integration
ACES Robotic DNA Extraction
Management and Business Studies (MBS) Fleming College Game Show System
Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences (ACes) fleming college with Endevour Systems and SEOS Prototype Flight Training Chair
ACES with ATHAR Micro Locator System
Nimbus Data/Voice Design
Trent University Department of Biology Automated DNA Preparation

Projects in 2001

Project Sponsor Project Title
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario Squeaky Wheel Web Site Development
City of Kawartha Lakes Road Maintenance Information System
Peterborough Youth Services Interactive Web Site Development
Peterborough Theatre Guild Membership Services Software
Peterborough LETS Exchange WinLETS Barter System
Pension Valuators Improve Web Site
Payroll Module Development
Fleming ACES Microwave Communications Installation
Secure E-Commerce
Commercialize Flight Simulator Chair
Analog/Digital Control Simulators
Business Model for Community-based IT Services
Peterborough Arts Umbrella Small LAN Set-up
Peterborough & District Assoc. for Comm. living Database Update
LAN Set-up
Strano Sysco Foodservice Sales Information System Front End
Community Opportunity & Innovation Net. (COIn) Network Design for County Cluster
Virtual Resource Library (VRL) Install Package for Newspaper Module
Trent University Telecommunications Retail Business Case
Geo-Logic IT Update and Training
Port Stanley Cottage Renters Association Rental Cottage Scheduling System
General Electric Industrial System Preventative Maintenance Program
Naylor Systems Robotic Side Frame Assembly
reBOOTnorth Re-Engineering of Discarded PC Components
Appl Tech for Heath Aging Laboratory (ATHar) Bluetooth Prototype
IP QoS Testbed
Ivaco Rolling Mills Data Management System
Trillium Lakelands District School Board Virtual Learning Centre Design
Press Room Techniques Inc. Shuffle Tray Conveyor Force Measurement

Projects in 2000

Project Sponsor Project Title
End Cap Folding Automation NHB Industries
Heavy Equipment Training Centre Heavy Equipment Training Information System
Fleming LRC Learning Support Services Software
Lakefield Research Commercialise Level Measurement Prototype
Harrison Powersports Small Engines Data Acquisition
Milltronics Software Licence Tracking and Reporting Upgrade parts retrieval/Insertion System
Fleming ACES Instrumentation Trainer
Nortel Networks Passport Network Switch Template
Datacom Imaging Technologies Inc. Medical Records Image Viewer
Fleming ITS Print Deposit Kiosk Development
Trent University Nature Areas Web Site Update
TActic web traffic audit
Peterborough Public Library Library LAN Set up
Library point of presence Server
Online help system development
Five Counties Children's Centre Asset Management System
Messier-Dowty Parts Selection System Development
Pension Valuators Web Site/Services Development
Ads On The Go E-commerce Subsystem Prototype
Marycrest/Anson House Information System Upgrade
Friends of the Trent-Severn Waterway Tugboat Electrical System
Canadian Canoe Museum Building Automation and Records
1160170 Ont. Ltd Trust Accounting Software Development
Numet Engineering Dev Small Office (Linux) Server
Family Counselling Services and Volunteers
and information peterborough
Volunteer Management System
General Electric Design Adjustable Piling Platform
SmithKift Remote Data Acquisition & Monitoring
Ministry of Natural Resources Water Analysis Database for Beaches
Fleming ACES Electroplating Robotic Work Cell
Smith Township Historical society Develop Historical Research Web

Projects in 1999

Project Sponsor Project Title
Canadian Canoe Museum Information Systems Feasibility Design
Holiday Pines, WineNot, Asburnham Chiropody Clinic, and others Web Site Authoring Services
Quaker Oats, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Autotech, Fisher Gauge, Pickseed Canada, and others Network Security Survey
Internal Engineering Science Projects 4-Stage Industrial Automation, Keyless Entry System, Flight Simulation Gantry Robot, Rube Goldberg System, Solar Energy Tracking Device, Flight simulator, XW001 smart Wiper
Internal Computing Science Projects Simulated LAN for each of 5 cities interconnected by a WAN

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