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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Building Bridges for Women in Trades and Technology

Electrical Engineering Student

Building Bridges for Women in Trades and Technology

The Building Bridges Program aims to help close the gap between the supply of skilled tradespeople and the growing demand by focusing on recruiting students from a traditionally underrepresented group in this sector – WOMEN. Females currently make up only 5% of the skilled trades workforce and there is a shortage of thousands of skilled workers in Ontario.

Fleming is taking bold steps to double our female enrolment in the School of Trades & Technology by 2026 and the Building Bridges Program, with community and sector support, will help get us there.

Building Bridges is built on three pillars that will empower and encourage female students:

  1. Group and 1:1 mentorship provided by industry members and Fleming experts.
  2. Networking and engagement opportunities that will help students to build connections among industry leaders and young professionals.
  3. Financial scholarship to reduce financial barriers.

The Program will support 30 highly motivated students each year who are accepted through a competitive process.

Learn more about How to Apply.

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