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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Personal Support Worker Workshops

Mental Health and Behaviours

Identifying the critical issues of mental health in gerontology are key components to help you understand client behaviours and to better able you to provide supportive measures.

Understanding gerontology-related mental health issues is key to understanding your client’s behaviour and giving them the best-suited support. After a general overview of the main issues in mental health, you will gain specific tools to use in your practice, including techniques to establish self-care.

Gerontology: Changes Associated with Aging

In an in-depth focus on how optimal healthy aging differs from typical aging, we will discuss common medical conditions and explore basic techniques and principles for Personal Support Workers caring for the elderly.

Palliative/End of Life Care

Explore both client and self-care when a client is in the palliative stage. We will focus on the demographics and statistics that impact End of Life Care, common symptoms in the geriatric population and the values and principles required to assist in reaching the ultimate goals of end of life care in a respectful and professional manner.

Assisting with Medication Administration

Your ability as Personal Support Worker to assist a client with medication can be an essential component in helping that client become and remain independent in the community. Gain a solid understanding of the professional policies and procedures related to both your role and your responsibilities in assisting with medical administration.

Therapeutic Relationships & Professional Practice

As a healthcare professional, your conduct will be judged by your personal behaviours and how you present yourself to all around you. We will discuss how to maintain a professional impression to all when representing your employer, especially within your working relationships and in light of your role and responsibilities as a Personal Support Worker. You will discover how to identify professional boundaries and establish therapeutic relationships with the client and within the healthcare.

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