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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

P.E.A.K. Executive Leadership

Positive. Effective. Applied. Knowledgeable.

This program is like no other. Specifically designed for CEOs, Executive Directors, senior leaders and graduates of the PEAK Leadership Program, the training eschews the "one size fits all" approach, and instead, truly focuses on the individual and the soft skills that separate high-level executives from the rest.

Fleming College's Executive Leadership Program

This program will:

  • Enhance your leadership skills and capabilities
  • Connect you with your own executive business coach for one-on-one coaching
  • Help you create plans for addressing business challenges
  • Give you an in-depth understanding of your current leadership style and provide opportunities for growth
  • Develop the skills you need to establish and maintain a coaching dialogue with your employees
  • Build skills and use tools to make more informed business decisions
  • Show you how to carry out change initiatives that keep your organization competitive and current
  • Provide you with an opportunity to work through a strategic change in your organization with the assistance of your executive coach

This leadership training includes:

Personal Leadership Assessments

Using a variety of leadership assessment instruments including an online 360-Degree Feedback Process, the NEO and the MBTI, you'll gain insights into your current leadership style and personal characteristics. Then, during one of your individual coaching sessions your coach will support you in preparing an effective strategy for continued and targeted leadership growth.

Individual Executive Coaching

Working with your executive coach during your five remaining individual coaching sessions, you will select a strategic project to work on and implement during the program. This will be required to be a real project that will align with your organization's strategic goals and your leadership goals.

Action-Based Interactive Learning

No endless PowerPoint presentations here! As professional facilitators, we use an interactive approach geared toward your specific learning style. You learn by doing, not by being told. Your participation is crucial and much of the learning will come from your interaction with other senior leaders in the program and from personal reflection activities.


Module 1: The Challenge of Leadership

Before attending this day, you'll complete the Myers-Briggs Assessment. During the first day, you'll meet your cohort and facilitators and be introduced to the program. A half day debrief will help you understand your leadership style and your impact on those who report to you. Additionally, you'll explore what other styles you'll need as a leader.

By the end of the day, you'll have gained a better understanding of the role of supervisors, managers, directors and senior leaders. You also begin your journey to define your own personal leadership style.

Module 2: Leading with Strategic Intent

No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan. This 3-day module will examine the most important strategies for your organization: the strategic plan and the strategic talent management plan and how these integrate with sustainability and corporate responsibility. Typically, a strategy is not something that is easily replicated or duplicated by your competition.

The Strategic Plan

To be a successful organization requires a plan for growth. It defines an organization's business, capabilities and ambitions, and the plans for capitalizing on them. In this session your training will focus on:

  • Exploring the role of strategic planning
  • Differentiating between the operational plan and the strategic plan
  • Examining the components of strategy and what is not strategy
  • Defining your business goals and objectives
  • Identifying the characteristics of the environmental scan, the SWOT analysis, and the critical success factors impacting your organization
Strategic Talent Management

Your employees are one of the most crucial factors to the success of your organization, yet few organizations manage talent strategically. Today's session focuses on shifting your approach to managing the emotional and intellectual capital of your employees strategically to align with your organizational objectives. It will set you apart from your competition and give you a competitive edge.

Strategic talent management needs to be interwoven into every aspect of the employee cycle, starting with establishing your employee brand to hiring, rewarding, developing and engaging your employees to developing a solid succession plan for key roles in your organization.

This session will focus on building your skills to:

  • Explore the concept of strategic talent management
  • Link talent management to your organizations business strategy
  • Examine the components of your strategic talent management process
  • Develop strategies to enhance your talent management process
  • Examine the role of risk management and how it relates to strategic talent management

Module 3: Strategic Coaching Skills (2 days)

Business coaching is an essential skill for all leaders and senior managers. All leaders and managers hold conversations with employees daily. Those who are able to lead these conversations strategically to develop critical thinking, higher performance and problem solving skills in employees will create greater success for their organization and greater personal and professional success for their employees.

This Module will cover the underpinnings of a 'coaching mind set' and the fundamental coaching skills needed to implement a coaching culture within your organization. Additionally, it will dispel coaching myths and allow you to develop a coaching framework that you can integrate into your current role and demonstrate consistently to others.

Day 1: Strategic Coaching Skills

This session will focus on building your skills to:

  • Adapt a strength-based approach to working with employees and how your coaching style impacts your leadership style
  • Use a standard coaching process and develop key coaching skills
  • Implement self-management coaching to be a good leader and coach
  • Listening and observe at a deeper level
  • Practice creating and using powerful questions to develop critical thinking skills in others
  • Understand the impact of giving advice and how it impacts employee development

You will have the opportunity to solidify these skills by observing a coaching demonstration and participating in pair coaching sessions.

Day 2: Advanced Strategic Coaching Skills

This session will focus on building your skills to:

  • Identify when to coach, when to manage, and when to lead
  • Use coaching to increase performance, learning and employee engagement
  • Expand your tool kit of coaching skills
  • Identify the optimal conditions for developing a coaching culture
  • Develop a strategy to introduce coaching to your organization and maintain a coaching practice
  • You will have the opportunity to solidify the skills of this session by observing advanced coaching demonstrations, then practicing by participating in pair coaching sessions and team coaching sessions.

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