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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Business and Management Workshops

Thinking Creatively and Critically

Increase your 'innovation quotient' as a route to support strategic planning decisions, product development and productivity. Become a more creative and critical thinker. Step up your ability to look at things differently, use creative processes and avoid the 'pre-conceived ideas' and 'killer phrases' traps. In this workshop you will learn how to encourage your team to be more innovative in their approach to problem solving and decision making.

Coaching for Results

Discover one of the best ways of achieving results while building relationships - a coaching approach to holding conversations. More than just a way of improving a specific technical or leadership skill, coaching is a way for an organization to increase critical thinking skills in everyone and generate more innovative approaches to solving problems. Learn the underpinnings of a 'coaching mind set' and the fundamental coaching skills needed to implement a coaching culture. You will develop a coaching framework that you can integrate into your current role and demonstrate consistently to others. Increase your ability to ask powerful questions and work collaboratively with others: direct reports, colleagues or more senior managers. Learn how to increase your ability to listen, paraphrase and get information from others that is critical for change and growth, and to ask questions that help others develop a variety of perspectives and the ability to choose new and different solutions and action steps.

The Skillful Communicator

Enhance your communication skills so you'll be able to communicate more effectively in your workplace. Poor communication is a major source of conflict and poor productivity. By increasing your interpersonal communication skills using the tools learned in this workshop, you'll reduce conflict and find the workplace a more positive and productive place, build stronger relationships and spend less time rehashing old issues.

Safety-Supervisor Competency under OHSA

As of July 1, 2014 employers must ensure that all supervisors are deemed 'competent.' Competence implies the appropriate knowledge, training and experience to handle the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA). This full-day program will cover the OHSA, and the duties as a competent supervisor or manager, providing the skills and knowledge needed to be compliant.

Behavioural Styles

Learn how to enhance relationships and become more productive on the job by gaining some usable, proven insights on how to identify the styles of your boss and co-workers. You'll identify how your style impacts others and how your style impacts your career possibilities. Achieve a better understanding of how to communicate in writing or in person with different types of people.

Managing Relationships with Difficult People

Learn how to use the I-Care approach to first-rate customer service. Enhance your customer service skills so you feel more satisfied in your job, learn how to speak assertively versus passively or aggressively, have conversations that start and end on a positive note and 'wow' people with first-rate service face to face or by phone. By learning to listen between the lines, and by using proven customer service skills and excellent conflict management skills, you'll create a more positive and productive workplace for yourself and your customer base.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), assess your behavioural style and develop a plan to improve your understanding and interaction with those around you in this eye-opening workshop. Specifically, understand more about how people take in information, how they come at their decision making and how they need you to participate with them in meetings and relationships. Understanding your preferences allows you to communicate more effectively with colleagues and others, especially in stressful situations. Not only will participants leave with greater awareness around how people of different types interact, you will leave with concrete ways to modify your style to increase your effectiveness when dealing with others.

I-Care Customer Service

Discover how to 'wow' your customers so you can keep your base business secure while opening up referral opportunities. From frontline to owner, this workshop is for you if you want to provide your customers with a 'face to face' experience in every customer interaction. Learn how to use the I-Care approach to customer service - an approach that will differentiate you from other providers.

Implementing Your Change Plan

Discover how to support each of your employees through the transition from the old to the new. Learn how to create ways to formalize endings and new beginnings, and create strategies for helping others and yourself through the transitional stages of constant change initiatives. This training session will help AVPs, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders who need to create a strategy and plan for moving forward.

Thriving in a Stressful Workplace

Attend this workshop and learn how to reduce your stress, how to develop a positive attitude and how to deal with constantly changing information and challenges in today's fast-paced work environment. Discover techniques that work to ensure good mental health and high-quality performance in your workplace.

Writing Business Cases that Get Results

Gain the tools you need to sharpen your business case writing skills by becoming more reader-focused and persuasive. Learn how to write business cases about problems or opportunities for internal or external readers so they can make better and more informed decisions. Appreciate the strategies for improving your writing so you get your desired results, and how to write executive summaries that get to the point.

Are you Listening or Just Hearing Me?

If listening is part of your job, this workshop can help you improve relationships and become more productive. Discover the ease with which you can adopt listening techniques which will build rapport and empathy with others. You'll learn how to listen at a higher level which will open the door for better relationships.

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