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Leading Lean

Managing the launch and application of lean processes.

Become one of the organizations today that consistently delivers significant improvement in the key operational measures of staff morale, quality, lead-time, cost, and growth. World class organizations are able to outperform their competitors by creating a culture of continuous improvement. Based on the improvement science pioneered by Toyota and refined for over 75 years, lean management is a differentiator in today's competitive landscape. Learn the key concepts of this management system and how to get your organization started in delivering higher levels of customer value leading to improved results.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for senior leaders and those who will lead a quality improvement system through the application of lean management. Transformation efforts cannot be managed, they must be led. The key ingredients of the leadership required to create a culture of improvement leading to world class results will be explored.

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What you will learn

By participating in this one-day program participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Understand the history of improvement
  • Understand the value-added/ non-value-added principle
  • Understand the key steps in launching a continuous process improvement initiative
  • Avoid common risks associated with large scale transformation
  • Be able to apply the fundamental principles of improvement, seeing and eliminating wasted time and activities
  • Learn the five key principles of lean
  • Understand the key leadership behaviours necessary to ensure success

How you'll benefit

While 67 percent of all organization report that they are doing some form of process improvement, only one to three percent of these companies actually achieve their true potential. Learn from the thousands of companies that have gone before you and follow a proven road map to success while avoiding unnecessary risk.

What's our instructional approach?

Our workshop will include both theory and applied learning to explore and understand the concepts of lean. Examples will be provided across a wide variety of industries and sectors to ensure tailored delivery of content and participant-specific relevancy.

About the Presenter

Ronald Bercaw

Ron is the President of Breakthrough Horizons Ltd., a management consulting company specializing in World Class Improvement through the application of the Toyota Business System, more commonly known as "lean." With over 20 years of experience in operations, his lean management experience was gained through multiple enterprise transformations in different industries including custom packaging, power reliability electronics assembly, and test and measurement products. He has consulted extensively in the commercial sector (administration, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, engineering), the public sector (US Army/Navy/Air Force, Pentagon, Surgeon General) and the healthcare sector (US and Canada).

Educated at Purdue University, he learned the details and disciplined applications of lean principles, habits, and tools from both the Shingijutsu Sensei and their first generation disciples. Working in both shop floor and above the shop floor areas, Ron has been a crusader to remove waste from businesses through the involvement and ideas of the people doing the work.

Note: You are permitted to substitute participants after registration. Cancellations made less than three working days before the workshop or "no shows" are not eligible for a refund but will be credited for future workshops. Registration fee includes lunch.

Consult with our Contract Training Managers

Contact us to find the best fit for your organization, get more information or to arrange for training.

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