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Personal Support Worker Bridging to Practical Nursing (prior to Fall 2023)

For new applications, please visit the Personal Support Worker Bridging to Practical Nursing page.

If you registered or started the Personal Support Worker Bridging to Practical Nursing program prior to August 2023, we will assist you in completing your program of study. Please connect with our Customer Service Advisors in the Registrar’s Office directly to register for your courses.


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Courses in Personal Support Worker Bridging to Practical Nursing

We have recently made changes to the PSW to PN Bridge program to provide a smoother transition into Semester 2 of Fleming’s Practical Nursing program. During this transition we are committed to helping those students who are already in progress.

If you are in progress, please note that self-registration in no longer available, as we would like to work with you directly. To register for courses, please connect with our Continuing Education Advisors by phone at (705) 749-5530 ext. 1502 or email us at coned@flemingcollege.ca.


Bridged Nursing Theory


In preparation to enter the second semester of the PN program students will explore the theory, principles, and concepts specific to the practical nursing curriculum. We examine health promotion across the lifespan, application of a framework using the nursing process, legislative regulations and governance specific to the practice of nursing and the process of developing learning plans and nursing care plans. Emphasis is placed on humanistic caring, reflective practice, therapeutic use of self, and health promotion. This course must be taken as one of your first semester courses in the PSW to PN Bridging Program.

Clinical Nursing Informatics


This course is designed for Practical Nursing Students to examine the core concepts related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and how they can be used to promote and provide safe nursing care. Will explore Health Information Systems (HISs), the components of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), and other technology available in health care settings that contribute to patient care. Will also explain the importance and need for privacy, confidentiality, and security in the collection and use of health information.

Math For Nursing


This course prepares the Practical Nursing Student to use numerical skills in the administration of nursing care including the administration of medication and intravenous solution, fluid balance and other numerical calculations applicable to safe nursing care. This course will provide review and practice of basic mathematical calculations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportions and, conversions. Included will be Systems of Measurement with a focus on S.I. Metric System and common conversions. Practice of numerical skills and out of class assignments will be a major component of the course with a focus on the importance of consistency in accuracy. Students will be successful in passing this course with a grade of 70%.

Communications I


Gain a foundation in college-level communications, acquiring the skills to read critically, write appropriately for a variety of audiences, conduct and cite research, and revise for clarity and correctness.

Anatomy & Physiology I


This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. It will begin with an introduction to the organization and the cellular/tissue basis of the human body. The systems that will be focused on in this course are: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and special senses.

Bridge PSW to PN: Field Preparation for PSW Bridging to PN


Prepare for your bridging process from PSW to the rigorous academic demands of the practical nursing program. We will help you develop study skill techniques, test-taking strategies, and critical thinking skills. A review of the nursing process and assessment frameworks in the clinical setting will help you with your clinical assignments. Applied lab practice will include updating and refining skills in blood pressure measurement, vital signs, and topical medication administration.

To register, please connect with our Customer Service Advisors in the Registrar’s Office.

Open only to students who registered or started prior to Fall 2023.


(705) 749-5530 x1502


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