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Personal Support Worker Bridging to Practical Nursing

Program Highlights

Fleming College has developed two bridging opportunities for practicing Personal Support Workers (PSW) who have graduated from a PSW program at a community college, to pursue their Practical Nursing diploma.

The part-time programs are offered throughout the year and eligible students who successfully complete their program may be granted direct entry into the second semester of the full-time Fleming College Practical Nursing program in January each year. Please note that while the bridges will be offered on a part time basis and potentially at multiple campuses, the PN program will continue to be offered as a full time day program at the Sutherland campus in Peterborough.

Why Choose Fleming

The Personal Support Worker Bridge and the Practical Nursing program have strong links with Peterborough and the surrounding community's health care facilities and organizations, ensuring you receive excellent clinical opportunities to explore various aspects of nursing. Fleming College is a community based learning environment with the first long-term care faculty (St. Joseph's at Fleming) built on a college or university campus.

Career Opportunities

Eligible grads can expect to enter the Practical Nursing program and pursue their career goals of working as an RPN in acute care settings, community health agencies, industry, clinics, doctor's offices and long-term care facilities.

Further Study

Once you have completed your Bridging courses, you will be eligible for Semester 2 of the full time PN Program and you will complete semesters 2,3 and 4 in the full time PN Program. You must complete all the courses you require by the end of August to be eligible for the following January. We have 30 seats available for Bridging students every January Semester 2. If there are more than 30 students eligible, the seats are filled based on marks from your Bridging courses.

To apply to this program, please complete and submit this application form.

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online: Peterborough Campus Store or Lindsay Campus Store.

Courses in Personal Support Worker Bridging to Practical Nursing

Details and registration below

Mandatory Courses

Bridge PSW to PN: Transitional Concepts for PSW Bridging (NRSG183)

In preparation to entering the second semester of the PN program you will explore the theory, principles, and concepts specific to the practical nursing curriculum. We examine health promotion across the lifespan, application of a framework using the nursing process, legislative regulations and governance specific to the practice of nursing and pharmacological administrative responsibilities. Emphasis is placed on humanistic caring, reflective practice, therapeutic use of self, and health promotion. Restricted to PSW to PN Bridging Students.

There are no scheduled classes at this time, please call the Continuing Education office for future dates at 705 749-5530 ext. 1502.

Anatomy & Physiology I (SCIE157)

This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. It will begin with an introduction to the organization and the cellular/tissue basis of the human body. The systems that will be focused on in this course are: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and special senses.

  • Elizabeth Belenguer

Tuesday (5:00pm - 9:00pm)

Bridge PSW to PN: Bridged Anatomy & Physiology I (NRSG182)

For Personal Support Workers. Gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body by examining the body's organization and cellular/tissue. We will focus on the integumentary, skeletal and muscular systems, as well as the fundamentals of the nervous system, cardiovascular system (blood, heart, and peripheral vascular), lymphatic, and gastrointestinal systems. Restricted to PSW to PN Bridging Students.

There are no scheduled classes at this time, please call the Continuing Education office for future dates at 705 749-5530 ext. 1502.

Communications I (COMM201)

Communications I is an introductory course that provides a foundation in college-level communications by teaching students to read critically, write appropriately for a variety of audiences, conduct and cite research, and revise for clarity and correctness. In seminars and labs, students will engage in both independent and collaborative activities, including the development of a digital portfolio designed to help them become more effective communicators in academic and professional environments.

  • Leeann Fenlon

Thursday (5:00pm - 8:00pm)

Microsoft Office 2016 (COMP562)

Familiarize yourself with the applications contained in the Microsoft Office Professional or Academic or University Edition of Microsoft Office 2016 covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. This course is designed for the Windows operating system.

Bridge PSW to PN: Field Preparation for PSW Bridging to PN (NRSG193)

Prepare for your bridging process from PSW to the rigorous academic demands of the practical nursing program. We will help you develop study skill techniques, test-taking strategies, and critical thinking skills. A review of the nursing process and assessment frameworks in the clinical setting will help you with your clinical assignments. Applied lab practice will include updating and refining skills in blood pressure measurement, vital signs, and topical medication administration.

There are no scheduled classes at this time, please call the Continuing Education office for future dates at 705 749-5530 ext. 1502.

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