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Fleming Fund Campaign

When you make your gift to the Fleming Fund, you give Fleming College the ability to direct your gift to the areas of highest need, urgent projects and emerging priorities.

A gift to this Fund is so important because as an unrestricted gift it provides powerful financial flexibility to meet core College commitments and support new initiatives, ensuring that Fleming will continue to be great in the years to come.

Your gift will be used to support projects that would otherwise not be possible, that directly impact the day-to-day life of students, and that further the innovations taking place at Fleming College every day. Among other things, your gift will help:

  • Enable students and faculty to organize workshops, events and activities that enhance their learning experience
  • Allow students to participate in fieldwork placements that they may not otherwise be able to afford
  • Supply our labs with the latest equipment and technology
  • Attract and retain outstanding faculty who will ensure our students receive an exceptional learning experience
  • Ensure our libraries have the latest acquisitions, both online and in print

Please give to the Fleming Fund today, where every gift creates opportunity.

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