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Advancement and Alumni Relations

Your Generosity Builds Futures

Message from Drew Van Parys, Vice President, Economic & Community Development, Marketing

Welcome to the Advancement and Alumni Relations Office. We are pleased to provide you with information celebrating our donors and volunteers, as well as more information about how you can help to make a difference in the lives of our students for generations to come.

The College deeply appreciates the support of our donors and great volunteers who help to guide our projects. Their support helps us to build a vibrant, inclusive and supportive community. They unselfishly give so much of their time and expertise to make a difference and enhance the lives of others.

There are many different ways to make an impact on our students through your financial support. Please take a moment to read more about our various funding opportunities to find the fit that's right for you and please don't hesitate to contact our office for more information.

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Sandy Marett

Director, Advancement & Alumni Relations
Sandy Marett: Director, Advancement and Alumni Relations
Contact Sandy
Sandy Marett
705-749-5530 ext. 1415

Naman Khandelwal

Senior Development Officer, Sutherland Campus
Naman Khandelwal: Senior Development Officer, Sutherland Campus
Contact Naman
Naman Khandelwal

Jody Poliquin

Advancement Services Officer
Contact Jody
Jody Poliquin
705-749-5530 ext. 1339

Kyla Woods

Alumni Engagement Officer
Kyla Woods: Alumni Engagement Officer
Contact Kyla
Kyla Woods
705-324-9144 ext. 1197

Adele Russell

Senior Development Officer
Adele Russell: Senior Development Officer
Contact Adele
Adele Russell
705-324-9144 ext. 1196

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