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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Celebrating Our Donors and Volunteers

Thank you for supporting student success!

Fleming College staff, faculty and students thank the many donors who have contributed funds towards student financial assistance, capital projects and equipment. Your generosity helps us to provide an excellent post-secondary experience to our students and allows them to fulfil their potential.

One Hundred and Fifty-Five Students Were Presented with Academic Student Awards Supported Entirely by Fleming’s Donor Community


After two years of virtual celebrations Fleming was delighted to have thousands of students attend 2022 convocation ceremonies in-person and many were honoured with donor funded academic awards for their success. The Fleming donor community stepped up once again to provide over $100,000 in cash plus dozens of in-kind donations to support 155 deserving student’s college-wide. Donor funded awards are an important part of convocation as they are one of the ways students are recognized for their hard work and dedication during their time at Fleming.

I am really happy to have found an area of study that I enjoy and can excel in. I started my journey at Fleming in the Blasting Techniques course and soon found out that Drilling was something I would be good at, all thanks to some amazing teachers! I was originally pushed towards these two programs by my guidance counsellor in high school because I wanted a fulfilling job that kept me active, I've definitely found it. Receiving a donor funded award has helped me out tremendously with tuition. Now I can be less focused on my expenses and more towards my studies. I am so glad I'm part of an industry that allows me to learn every day and work hard, I'm very proud of that.

Kaileigh Smith, Resources Drilling Technician student and recipient of Geotech Drilling Services Ltd Award for Excellence.

Academic Awards are distributed to students most often who have top academic standing however others aim to support students who go above and beyond at Fleming, in and out of the classroom. Qualities like showing a high degree of personal integrity and leadership or demonstrating exceptional contributions to one’s community are criteria that are focal points of donor funded Academic Awards.

I am currently a single mother to a 15-year-old special needs young man and a primary caregiver to my 73-year-old mother. Returning to school and having the hands-on experience that Fleming offers has been a confirmation that I am in pursuit of my life purpose. Becoming a certified PSW will enable me to provide care and support safely and professionally and have confidence in doing so. I would like to work in the community setting and provide home care to people living in Peterborough who have been struggling to receive care during the pandemic.

Jennifer McLean, Personal Support Program student and recipient of Walker Wood Foundation Award for Excellence in Health and Wellness – Personal Support Worker

Donor awards are available through the generosity of Fleming staff, alumni, friends in our communities, associations, foundations, and industry partners. Without their support these awards would not be possible. Thank you to all of the donors who stepped up in this challenging year to honour and celebrate student success! See the entire list of 2022 student academic award recipients and donors

Fleming’s Paramedic program gratefully receives donation of a decommissioned ambulance from Peterborough County-City Paramedics

Fleming’s Paramedic program gratefully receives donation of a decommissioned ambulance from Peterborough County-City Paramedics

Fleming College is grateful to Peterborough Paramedics for the donation of a decommissioned ambulance that will be used to train students in the Paramedic program.

The decommissioned ambulance was hand-delivered to Fleming by Deputy Chief of Operations, Christopher Barry, of Peterborough County-City Paramedics on October 25, 2021. Deputy Barry was greeted by students in Fleming’s paramedic program, President Maureen Adamson, Sandra Dupret, Vice President Student Experience and staff members in the School of Health and Community Services to receive the donation.

“This past year has shown the importance of our healthcare workers, and Fleming prides itself on providing students with hands-on, real world experience that prepares them to enter the workforce with confidence to care of our loved ones,” said Fleming President Maureen Adamson. “This ambulance will help our future healthcare workers become equipped with the important skills required to handle the pressures of a demanding frontline career.”

The 2016-model ambulance became surplus after Peterborough County approved the purchase of two new ambulances late last year. Fleming College made a request to Peterborough County-City Paramedics to consider donating an ambulance for use by students and teachers in the School of Health and Community Services, and the request was approved in October.

“Peterborough Paramedics are pleased to donate a decommissioned ambulance to Fleming’s Paramedic program. The hands-on learning that it will provide students with is important as they prepare for work in the field,” said Peterborough Paramedic’s Deputy Chief Christopher Barry.

The ambulance Fleming currently has is due to retire after many years of use, and the replacement will help train students in vehicle monitoring, defensive high-speed driving and maneuvering, as well as safe patient transport. As graduates of Fleming’s Paramedics program, students are qualified as primary care paramedics and are eligible to write the provincial examination. Fleming College has had a relationship with Peterborough Paramedics since the inception of the Paramedic program, and the service is proud to hire many Fleming grads.

The Seed Bank: Preserving species, creating habitat and improving biodiversity

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Seaway and Peterborough Area Chapter have invested in Fleming’s Seedbank project at our Fleming College, Frost Campus located in Lindsay, Ontario.

Seed Project Photo

With the recent closure of the Ontario Tree Seed Plant in Angus, Ontario, Fleming College researcher and Ecosystem Management Program Technologist, Jason Kerr (Ecosystem Management Technology ’11), launched an important program to ensure that we have access locally to seed that is genetically adapted to our region (Kawartha Lakes Seed Zone 34). Kerr is an environmental leader in the community and has led a number of environmental initiatives on and off campus, including the creation of the Fleming Arboretum at the Frost Campus.

The Ontario Tree Seed Plant was a facility that stored and supplied seeds commercially to nurseries, forestry companies, provincially-funded tree planting programs, and individual consumers across the province and from around the world. To compensate for the closure of the Ontario Tree Seed Plant, TD Friends generous donation is being used to fund several large scale “seed” gardens which will produce seed to contribute to a regional seed bank.

By reforesting, restoring and naturalizing areas on Fleming’s Campus, the project will be helping to preserve native species, create habitat, improve biodiversity and create a living seed bank to preserve local genetics and produce regionally adapted seed. The seed gardens will be incorporated into the Fleming Arboretum which is located on a 2.1 hectares parcel of land in the heart of the Frost Campus and the community.

Donors Fund Awards for Frontline Healthcare Students


Thanks to the generosity of Neil and Susan Wood of the Walker Wood Foundation, a total of 11 students annually in Fleming College’s Paramedic, Social Service Worker, Practical Nursing and Personal Support Worker programs will receive $1,500 - $2000 awards for their hard work and dedication to their fields. The "Walker Wood Foundation Awards for Excellence in Health and Wellness" will support students over a 5-year period.

A recent report by the Ontario Health Coalition showed a large shortage of personal support workers in the province. PSWs play a vital role in Ontario's health care system, they are on the front lines, providing much of the daily hands on care for approximately 80,000 long-term care residents in Ontario, and they help aging populations stay in their homes longer and maintain independent living.

We’re pleased to help support students in the personal support worker program and other front line health care programs. We believe their success translates into greater success for our communities at large." said Susan Wood.

2021 student recipient says he is honoured to be recognized for this award. "I have a family member who battles bipolar and they require the assistance of a PSW weekly. The care this person has offered inspired me to enter the PSW program. I want to brighten someone’s day just as much as that PSW does for my family member. The financial assistance the Walker Wood Foundation has offered is appreciated more than you know; It gives me a leg up, which is a great metaphor for what a PSW does on a daily basis."

The Walker Wood Foundation was established in 2006 by Neil C.W. Wood and his wife Susan. The foundation is dedicated to the funding of post-secondary education at all levels to candidates who have high academic standing, demonstrated leadership or similar qualities and who might have otherwise found it difficult to afford further education.

Without the support of donor funded awards many students may not be able to afford to continue their education and in turn, graduate. Thank you to the Walker Wood Foundation for establishing this fund. Your gift will have a lasting impact for students that will extend much beyond their studies at Fleming College.

Mason Homes & Fleming College partner to create wetland at Frost Campus

Mason Homes and Fleming College are teaming up to create a wetland at Frost Campus, which will provide a new home to a variety of native plant and animal species.

The construction of the wetland also offers valuable hands-on learning opportunities for students in programs within the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences.

Mason Homes

Students in the Heavy Equipment Operator program are currently creating the groundwork for the wetland. Planting and hydroseeding by students from the Ecosystem Management and Fish and Wildlife programs are expected to be completed by Sept. 30 with the wetland fully established by the end of October. Students from the Resources Drilling and Blasting and Forestry programs will also be involved in the project. Mason Homes is providing funding for the wetland and Niblett Environmental Associates Inc. will conduct environmental monitoring for three years following the completion of the project.

Kawartha Credit Union's Commitment to Education and Financial Literacy

Supporting the financial success of their members in the communities they serve is one of Kawartha Credit Union's guiding principles. Since 2009, Kawartha has donated $32,000 in bursaries to Fleming students through their Community Involvement Program. In addition to corporate donations, Kawartha enhances financial literacy by providing complimentary seminars on a variety of topics from budget management to saving for retirement.

Alumni Credit Union, Sandy Marett, Leona Keizer, Carla Lowry, Samantha Burke

In providing needs-based advice,financial solutions, workshops, and seminars, they contribute to the financial success of their members, which in turn strengthens the communities they serve. "We feel that as a financial services provider, it is our responsibility to encourage and nurture an understanding of financial matters. Supporting Fleming's business programs and students not only aligns with our values and pillars, but it strengthens our communities," comments Crystal Dayman, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications.

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