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Dean's Excellence Fund (Dean's Highest Priority Needs)

A donation to the Dean's Excellence Fund in any given School is your way to make an immediate impact on the area closest to you.

When you give to the Dean's Excellence Fund, you give the dean flexibility to direct support to program areas where resources are limited and in greatest need, allowing the School to seize opportunities as they arise. Donors to these Funds are supporting faculty, students, and the core programs that face funding challenges, but are critical in improving education now and into the future.

Your gift can be directed to the:

  • School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Haliburton School of Art + Design
  • School of Business and Information Technology
  • School of General Arts and Sciences
  • School of Health and Wellness
  • School of Justice and Community Development
  • School of Trades and Technology

Please consider supporting your college today.

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