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International student cap-updates and FAQs

Updated: 2024-03-28 16:16:07

Provincial Offences Officers

Select members of Campus Security are appointed as Provincial Offence Officers / Municipal Law Enforcement Officers for the purpose of enforcing applicable municipal by-laws on and in relation to College property.

What authority do Provincial Offences Officers have?

  1. Pursuant to section 15 of the Police Services Act, appointees are peace officers for the purpose of enforcing municipal by-laws.
  2. An appointee’s authority is situation specific and dependent on the municipal by-law that they are enforcing, but generally includes the ability to issue tickets.
  3. Certain municipal by-laws allow for the towing or immobilization of vehicles and some allow for the control of animals running at large on College property.

How can I identify a Fleming College Provincial Offences Officer?

Fleming College employs Security Guards that work in various capacities. All Security Guards appointed as a Provincial Offences Officer / Municipal Law Enforcement Officer will have a certificate of appointment issued by the authorizing municipality. In-house security personnel will carry a College-issued metal Provincial Offences Officer badge and an identification card with their photograph on it while on duty. They will display their badge and identification card upon request.

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