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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Art Certificates

Equivalent to two semesters of full-time study, our intensive 15-week certificates provide over 600 hours of hands-on studio time. Each week you will work and learn alongside a different faculty member who brings their unique perspective and expertise within the discipline to the studio, enhancing your understanding of the art form, and building multiple skills and techniques.

Certificates are offered as stand-alone programs and in conjunction with our Visual and Creative Arts and Integrated Design diplomas.

The Studios

Because our enrolment is capped, you always have access to equipment, room to work, and time to interact with faculty and other artists in your program. You will also benefit from the guidance of experienced studio technicians and extended hours in the studio after class.

  • Designed for individual artist’s requirements for working space and storage
  • Abundant natural light
  • Newly re-built Glassblowing studio
  • Stand-alone Artist Blacksmith building
  • Best-in-class equipment, tools and materials

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