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Explore the methodologies, processes, design, and fabrication of art glass. 

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Start Date

January 06, 2025

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Accepting Applications

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Not Available

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In Person


Ontario College Certificate

Program Contact

Juliette Arsenault

Program Coordinator

Domestic Tuition

$7171.24 (includes fees and supplies)**

*Domestic tuition amounts shown are from the 2023-2024 academic year and are subject to change.

*International tuition amounts shown are from the 2023-2024 academic year and are subject to change.

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You will transform hot, molten glass into breathtaking works of art. Courses in design, colour, drawing and art history will provide you with a strong foundation for the varied glassblowing methodologies explored in the studio. They include cold working techniques, colour applications, mould-making and production.

The large airy studio can easily accommodate the four workstations it houses. Each is equipped with a bench, marver, glory hole, hand tools and pipes necessary for you to manipulate the molten glass contained in the two 200 lb free-standing pot furnaces. The studio was completely rebuilt in 2013 and offers state-of-the-art equipment with ample annealer space for students to work comfortably. Complimenting the hot shop is a fully equipped cold shop with all the tools that you need to enhance and complete your work. You will have access to a diamond saw and sandblaster.

Equivalent to two semesters of full-time study, our intensive 15-week certificate programs provide over 600 hours of hands-on studio time. Each week you will work alongside a different faculty member who brings their unique perspective and expertise within the discipline to the studio. Limited enrolment ensures you have access to equipment and time to interact with faculty. You will also benefit from the guidance of experienced studio technicians and extended hours in the studio after class.

Our school is a leader in providing unique and flexible art and design education. Learn from professionals who have shaped art, craft and design in Canada at a campus that provides the best possible hands-on studio experience. Create in a spectacular natural environment, supported by dedicated faculty and a welcoming community of resident artists and designers. Graduate with a solid portfolio to take you to the next step in your art career – whether that is continuing education, starting your own practice or entering the workforce.

Graduates are working as glass blowers, glass designers, studio assistants, in specialty galleries and in education.

"We explore the refinement of design through repetition. Utilizing time-honoured team production techniques, each student experiences the team leader role to produce multiples of their designs, just like working on the factory floor in Venice, or the Czech Republic, but without the cathedral windows."

Sue Rankin and Paulus Tjiang,
working artists and Glassblowing faculty

There will be approximately $600 of costs (i.e. WHMIS training, international travel documentation for mandatory field trip, camera, portfolio printing, etc.) in addition to the material fee included in the tuition.

Students who graduate from an art certificate program can earn their Visual and Creative Arts diploma (VCAD) with just two more semesters of study.

Visual and Creative Arts diploma graduates have the opportunity to pursue more advanced studies through our many articulation agreements with leading art education institutions across Canada and in the United States.

  • Handle and manipulate hot glass on the pipe with consistency and intent.
  • Design and form simple vessels and objects (e.g. goblet, vase, solid work animals).
  • Use a range of basic colour, detailing, decorative and finishing techniques in the production of a given vessel.
  • Integrate knowledge of the chemical properties and behaviours of glass in various states and forms, and as it relates to working with an expressive material.
  • Use basic drawing techniques for experiment, expression of design concepts, or documentation of work.
  • Apply colour theory as it relates to the behaviour of glass in the design process.
  • Conceptualize and create glass art for a given context, function or purpose using recognized principles of design.
  • Inform design decisions through use of knowledge of the history of Canadian glass art, its production, design, context and function.
  • Design objects appropriate to one's skill level.
  • Begin the development of a personal style through the integration of life experience, exploration in technique, elements from design theory and history, and feedback from faculty and peers.
  • Solve basic problems in the studio through use of knowledge of materials, design principles and equipment.
  • Select, document and present work in a portfolio for archival, promotional and marketing purposes, and as a record of personal growth and development.
  • Handle all materials, tools and equipment with attention to the health and / or safety of self, peers and environment.
  • Work successfully in a collaborative and / or co-operative studio environment through demonstration of interpersonal skills, teamwork, conflict resolution and effective communication.

Students applying to Glassblowing must meet the following requirements:

  • OSSD including Gr 12 C English

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