Moving Image Design

Learn to design, create and present digital short films in the only 15-week accelerated certificate program of its kind offered in Ontario.

Program Highlights

In this unique, accelerated program (two semesters of full-time study completed in fifteen weeks), you will create digital short films in an inspiring, natural environment.

Short films are defined by their duration—a two-minute YouTube video clip; a 15-second pop-up ad on a website; or a one-minute movie trailer playing in theatres—and can have a commercial or visual arts application. Applications such as motion graphics and animation, video and sound compositions, film or slide-based installations, large interactive art installations, digital magazines, and live action will all be considered and covered in this course.

The need for professional digital content continues to grow and our program graduates go on to work in advertising, design, film, education, or in a variety of cultural-sector settings.

You could be the next YouTube star/influencer!

In this program you will:

  • Learn to create and present digital content for a variety of platforms—work that is visually and artistically strong in narrative and image
  • Explore a range of software tools and digital studio techniques
  • Understand how media culture influences and informs contemporary digital work
  • Work with accessible equipment, including: hand-held technologies; mobile; smart phones; tablets; laptops; and digital cameras (still and video)
  • Learn from our expert faculty, as well as digital designers, who are currently working in the industry
  • Apply enhanced digital skills to your current art and design practice
  • Be prepared to pursue further digital media studies
  • Develop a professional digital portfolio and presence

Why Choose Fleming

Fleming College’s Haliburton School of Art + Design is known for providing innovative art and design programming. Students benefit from programs that integrate art, technology, and experiential learning—all explored through the lens of design discipline, principles, elements and processes.

Program Design

This certificate is divided into three core areas of study: Creation of Moving Images, where students understand artistic elements and tools; Presentation Possibilities, that examines projection and installation art, and Exploration. In the three Studio courses, students will determine their own themes, initiate a project and identify areas for further exploration while working towards the end of semester exhibition/presentation Wrap it Up! In mid-December.

Online Training is free to registered students of Fleming College. Your certificate program includes the use of different software that you may or may not be familiar with, and in order to meet the demands of each course, you may want to practice using Adobe Creative Cloud (especially Premiere Pro) so that you are comfortable with the expectation of some of the assignments. On-campus registration is quick and easy. If you wish to get started before you arrive for school, please contact Jennifer Bain at to make arrangements for sign-in access.

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