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Second career’s a charm for Human Resources Management grad Allison Bowes


allison-bowesAfter three years in healthcare, Allison Bowes wanted a career change.

“I was struggling between just getting enough education to upgrade my skills to get another job or taking the harder path, which meant more school, to truly pursue my passion and dream of becoming an HR manager,” said Allison, who took six months to make a decision.

“I did some research and found that HR was a growing field and there were lots of different options for work,” she said. “Looking back on my choice now, I am so glad I decided to go back for what I truly wanted.”

Allison made the decision to enrol in Fleming College’s Business Administration – Human Resources Management program, which teaches students how to optimize the potential of employees while maximizing the effectiveness of the organization.

“I had a very positive experience and enjoyed my studies overall. I think that’s the difference when you find something you really love, for me it just didn’t seem like school,” said Allison, who graduated Fleming College in 2016.

“Classroom discussions were always about relevant and timely issues that brought about great discussions among my peers,” she said, adding that program faculty were very supportive and available outside of class time to help.

“I would recommend students who have a passion for the field of HR to consider coming to Fleming,” said Allison. “Being an HR professional has a lot to offer those looking for meaningful work in the business world and there is a variety of jobs out there to work in.”

Allison is now working at Christian Horizons as the Recruitment and Employee Relations Specialist. She is responsible for interviewing candidates, researching how to attract qualified candidates for developmental services jobs, increasing brand awareness at job fairs and colleges, and staying ahead of the company’s hiring demands. Allison also sits on the District Office’s leadership team and plans the annual summer family retreat.

“I love what I do. I enjoy interviewing and meeting people who are passionate about working in the developmental services field. This is something I am proud to be able to do on a weekly basis,” said Allison.

“There are quite a few special things that I have been extremely honoured to be a part of at Christian Horizons,” she shared. One example was a concert featuring the amazing talent of people who use their services, and another example was seeing her Fleming HR program coordinator Joanne Tully at her first Human Resources Professional Association meeting.

Allison said Fleming prepared her for the work world, especially because the Human Resources Management program features courses and placements to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

“My advice to current students is get as much experience and knowledge from those currently working in the field. This will help you not just get job ready, but have a better idea of what area of HR you may be interested in working,” she said. “There are lots of opportunities out there. Work hard and be proud of the field you are in– it’s a great one!”