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School of Health and Wellness unveils new Spa + Clinic


event-promoFleming College’s School of Health and Wellness unveiled the new Spa + Clinic this week at Sutherland Campus. This exceptional, real-world learning environment is used by Massage Therapy and Esthetician students, who gain applied learning and deliver services to the public in this space.

The official opening of the Spa + Clinic was Monday, Nov. 28 at Sutherland Campus. The event featured speeches, tours, and demonstrations by current students in the Massage Therapy and Esthetician programs.

“It’s thrilling to see,” said Carol Kelsey, Dean of the School of Health and Wellness. “The opportunities for inter-professional work, that kind of collaboration, can’t be beat. And this is a wonderful space for that to take place in. It’s great. It’s been so long coming, we’re really happy.”

The Spa + Clinic was created with the move of the Esthetician program from Cobourg Campus. The spa was developed adjacent to the student massage clinic – which underwent renovations this summer – in A wing to co-locate the services. The new space is 4, 470 square feet.

“This space gives the students an opportunity to work with current state-of-the-art equipment in a space that’s very similar to what they’ll be working in in the industry,” said Molly Westland, Chair of the School of Health and Wellness. “Work-integrated learning and applied learning is essential for our skills development for our next generation of employees, and it would be great for the Peterborough area as well.”

estheticianTracy Partridge, Esthetician program coordinator, is very happy with the new spa for her students. “I love the new space,” said Tracy at the Grand Opening event. “It’s like the real world for when the students graduate, and go and work in the industry.”

Tracy is particularly proud of the pedicure thrones and manicure tables. The spa offers six pedicure thrones, which students will learn to use, clean and sterilize. The pedicure process on thrones is different from pedicures on beds, so Tracy is happy to offer training with this equipment. She is also proud of the manicure tables, which feature vacuum suction vents to prevent students from breathing in dust.

The room also features an amazing ventilation system, soothing music, and screens for learning. Spa services, which are performed by Esthetician students, begin in January. Clients who book a full-service spa treatment in January can take advantage of a promotional offer to receive a free mini-manicure.

massage-therapyThe student massage clinic is currently offering services to the public. In January, the clinic will offer 1 hour treatments for $35, which includes an assessment and plan of care. The clinic is open Tuesdays and Thursdays, and prospective clientele may book appointments online.

“We’re really pleased. It’s fresh, we have great cupboard space now, we have space in each cubicle,” said Kristina Lonsberry, Massage Therapy program coordinator. “We have two rooms, so that’s lots of students available to give treatments and people to receive treatments. It’s wonderful.”

To see the new space for yourself, book an appointment with our students. Visit the new Spa + Clinic at Fleming College web page to learn more about the space, services, and staff.