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Kyle Clapp will use his HR and Tourism education as a Grad Recruiter


kyle-clappMeet our Grad Recruiter Kyle Clapp! Kyle has been hired by Student Recruitment to speak with prospective students across Ontario about Fleming College.

Kyle is a graduate of Fleming’s Human Resources Management advanced diploma (2016), and Tourism and Travel program (2014). “I’m looking forward to being able to apply both my diplomas in this role,” said Kyle. “It allows me to take my tourism background and literally apply it to Ontario, while incorporating the HR side of recruiting. The extra push I needed came from Joanne Tully, the HR program coordinator, who suggested I apply and felt I would fit the role perfectly.”

Encouragement is one of the many reasons why Kyle values the faculty at Fleming and credits them as his favourite thing about the college. “Every single staff member is committed to the student, they are there to help you learn and grow, and – when you don’t fully understand something – they take the extra time required to help you fully comprehend whatever is being taught. It was nice to feel like more than just another number in a seat, so to speak.”

In addition to the incredible faculty, Kyle said, “I believe that prospective students should come to Fleming because they are getting city living but with a small town atmosphere.” He credits events in The Steele Centre, Athletics, and the friendly and helpful nature of the staff and students. “Many of the people you encounter have the same aspirations as you, which means making friends becomes second nature,” he said.

While studying at Fleming College, Kyle said his favourite spot on Sutherland Campus was the Tipi. “It is a very tranquil spot to just go and be able to think and share knowledge not commonly found in the Academia landscape,” he said. “Although I wasn’t able to use it as much as I would have liked, it was also a great way to get some insight into the Indigenous culture while being able to sit back and take a moment for myself.”

Kyle credits Fleming with helping him step out of his comfort zone to do class presentations, volunteer at Fleming Open House, and speak in group settings. “The best thing I learned while attending Fleming was the barriers you set for yourself only limit you.”

Kyle’s next stop on the road is Belleville, Ont., where he will visit Bayside Secondary School, Nicholson Catholic College, and St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School on Sept. 26, 2016.