Tourism – Global Travel graduate cannot wait to hit the road as a Fleming Grad Recruiter

vivienne-maxwellIt is obvious what Tourism – Global Travel graduate Vivienne Maxwell is looking forward to most as a Fleming College Grad Recruiter: getting to travel across Ontario!

“I love to travel and I am looking forward to seeing the scenery in my own province for my next adventure,” said Vivienne, who will be speaking with prospective students across Ontario about Fleming College. “I’m most looking forward to experiencing new places in Ontario that I’ve never been before.”

In addition to the travel opportunity, Vivienne decided to work as a Grad Recruiter to develop her skills while staying close to the Fleming community.

“Keeping my ties with Fleming was important to me and perhaps I wasn’t quite ready to go… This position was a great way to stay connected but also move forward into a new position,” said Vivienne, who graduated from Fleming this year. “Secondly, I knew this position would help me build on professional skills, such as time management, marketing and organization.”

Vivienne also plans to utilize her networking skills, which she developed in the Tourism – Global Travel program at Fleming.

“Networking myself was one of the biggest lessons that I took away from college,” said Vivienne. “Due to the field placement portion of my program, I was able to build strong connections within the college and within the community that eventually led me to employment opportunities.”

Vivienne loves the tight-knight, small community vibe at Fleming, adding that, “I always knew my professors and peers personally. We built great relationships that I will continue to nurture into the future.”

Outside of her program, Vivienne also made friendships in the Indigenous Student Lounge.

“Hands-down, my favourite spot on campus is the Indigenous Lounge. Not only did I make lifelong friendships in this safe space, I learned so much about Indigenous cultures and found a place that truly felt like home on campus,” she said. “Anyone is welcome in the Lounge; it is a place to bridge the differences we share and sincerely respect one another. Sometimes school can be stressful and this environment allowed me to escape the hustle and bustle of the halls and feel at peace.”

Vivienne is looking forward to spreading the word about Fleming College as a Grad Recruiter. Her key points for endorsing Fleming include great specializations, strong reputation in many industries, and faculty who are professionals with strong networks.

“I’m constantly hearing how employers are looking for Fleming graduates,” said Vivienne. “This is why you should come to Fleming. If you’re willing to put in the work, you will be successful here.”

Tourism grad encourages others to pursue entrepreneurship

sherry-lSherry Lazcano was born and raised in Peterborough, but had the travel bug. She took Fleming’s Travel and Tourism program (since renamed “Tourism – Global Travel“) and set off on an adventure, living and working in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. After meeting her husband, Humberto, she decided to return to her roots and start a business in Peterborough.

“You are in charge of your own future,” said Sherry, who co-owns and operates Adventure Divers with Humberto. “It is scary when you graduate and don’t have a job. Don’t let that hold you back. The world is moving towards entrepreneurship and you can make your own career.”

Sherry was representing Adventure Divers at the Explore Tourism and Hospitality Career Expo this week at Sutherland Campus. The Expo is a partnership between Regional Tourism Organization 8 and Fleming College to highlight the great career opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry. Community partners, like Adventure Divers, had booths in the main foyer to speak with Fleming students, high school students, and guidance counselors about their organization or business.

Although Sherry encourages entrepreneurship and being your own boss, she does recommend getting a post-secondary education first. “I encourage post-secondary education because it is the building block to starting your future,” said Sherry. “It gives you the door to get out in the world.”

Tracey Randall’s Tourism education took her around the world

tracey-randallTracey Randall, Tourism and Transportation graduate (1988) and Fleming College Alumni 2016 Premier’s Award Nominee, returned to Sutherland Campus for the Explore Tourism and Hospitality Career Expo.* Tracey was representing Peterborough Musicfest, the longest free summer concert series in Canada, where she now works as General Manager.

Tracey got her start in hospitality at Peterborough Musicfest, formerly called the Festival of Lights, when she was a Fleming College student. Tracey operated the boats on Little Lake following each performance. But after graduating from the Tourism and Transportation program (since renamed “Tourism – Global Travel”) at Fleming College, Tracey left Peterborough for the Big City.

“Having a three-year program under my belt was huge, especially since it was hands-on and had an amazing co-op piece,” said Tracey on moving to Toronto for her career. “And the soft skills I gained at Fleming helped as well, which my university friends didn’t have. I knew about tardiness, sales and people skills, and public speaking– now I speak to 15, 000 people at Peterborough Musicfest and that’s a skill I gained in school!”

In Toronto, Tracey moved from an administrative role to operations to event management for Unilever Canada. “Keep your options open,” said Tracey. “Your job does not have to be in your exact industry.”

She left the corporate world for a year to volunteer in Africa, where she gained incredible life experience, was able to give back, and feel “grounded.” She continued her travels by working the international Olympic circuit and then she decided to return to her roots. Peterborough Musicfest posted a contract position and Tracey decided to apply.

“It was Africa that grounded me to get out of the business world and move home to Peterborough,” she said. “I was able to leave the heels to come home and wear flip-flops in the park at Musicfest. And I feel like I’m still giving back. I moved to Africa to give back to their community, and now I give back to this community with free concerts.”

She noted that her life has come full circle. “My last job in Peterborough was driving the boats at the summer concerts, my next job in Peterborough was 25 years later taking a contract position at Peterborough Musicfest,” said Tracey. “But the contract turned into a permanent position, so this time I bought a house and stayed.”

* The Explore Tourism and Hospitality Career Expo is a partnership between Fleming College and Regional Tourism Organization 8. The event was an opportunity for Fleming students, high school students, and guidance counsellors to explore the great career opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry.

Tourism – Global Travel and Hospitality celebrate World Tourism Day

world-tourism-dayToday is World Tourism Day! This day in the United Nations Calendar aims to bring awareness of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.

“Tourism is so important around the world because it creates employment opportunities and teaches travelers about the different cultures” said Patti Watson, Tourism – Global Travel program coordinator.

“Tourism is wonderful because there is something for everyone to enjoy, at all ages. Whether walking The Great Wall in China, or eating lobster in Halifax or making family memories in Disneyland, the opportunities to explore and try something new are endless,” said Patti.

Patti leads the Travel Based Learning Experience course with Hospitality program coordinator Jennifer Rishor, which features different destinations each year. In April, Hospitality and Tourism – Global Travel students in this course will travel to Jamaica for one week, where they will inspect hotels and resorts, volunteer in the community, visit tourist attractions, and meet local tourism and hospitality industry personnel.

“The Travel Based Learning Experience offers tremendous learning potential for all students. These experiences are designed to introduce students to the destination through both its physical and human geography (topography, history and culture), and to offer a volunteer experience when available” said Jennifer.

The theme of World Tourism Day this year is Tourism for All, which expresses the need for universal accessibility in tourism. This includes accessible tourism for people with disabilities, families with small children, the ageing population, and more. Both program coordinators agree that accessible tourism is an important topic and there is room for improvement in the industry.

“The industry definitely has room to improve in terms of accessibility, as regulations vary widely in foreign countries. There are many disabilities and each person’s needs are a little different, so traveling in un-modified airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars can prove difficult. It is so important because everyone should be able to enjoy their vacation, whether they are staying local or exploring a new destination.” said Jennifer.

Kyle Clapp will use his HR and Tourism education as a Grad Recruiter

kyle-clappMeet our Grad Recruiter Kyle Clapp! Kyle has been hired by Student Recruitment to speak with prospective students across Ontario about Fleming College.

Kyle is a graduate of Fleming’s Human Resources Management advanced diploma (2016), and Tourism and Travel program (2014). “I’m looking forward to being able to apply both my diplomas in this role,” said Kyle. “It allows me to take my tourism background and literally apply it to Ontario, while incorporating the HR side of recruiting. The extra push I needed came from Joanne Tully, the HR program coordinator, who suggested I apply and felt I would fit the role perfectly.”

Encouragement is one of the many reasons why Kyle values the faculty at Fleming and credits them as his favourite thing about the college. “Every single staff member is committed to the student, they are there to help you learn and grow, and – when you don’t fully understand something – they take the extra time required to help you fully comprehend whatever is being taught. It was nice to feel like more than just another number in a seat, so to speak.”

In addition to the incredible faculty, Kyle said, “I believe that prospective students should come to Fleming because they are getting city living but with a small town atmosphere.” He credits events in The Steele Centre, Athletics, and the friendly and helpful nature of the staff and students. “Many of the people you encounter have the same aspirations as you, which means making friends becomes second nature,” he said.

While studying at Fleming College, Kyle said his favourite spot on Sutherland Campus was the Tipi. “It is a very tranquil spot to just go and be able to think and share knowledge not commonly found in the Academia landscape,” he said. “Although I wasn’t able to use it as much as I would have liked, it was also a great way to get some insight into the Indigenous culture while being able to sit back and take a moment for myself.”

Kyle credits Fleming with helping him step out of his comfort zone to do class presentations, volunteer at Fleming Open House, and speak in group settings. “The best thing I learned while attending Fleming was the barriers you set for yourself only limit you.”

Kyle’s next stop on the road is Belleville, Ont., where he will visit Bayside Secondary School, Nicholson Catholic College, and St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School on Sept. 26, 2016.