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Jason Bialkowski shares his Preparatory Health Science story


Facebook Jason“I entered the Preparatory Health Science program straight out of high school to help prepare me for university. My grades in high school and my work ethic weren’t necessarily the best, so I figured that this would be the best time to improve both. I really enjoyed the program, it met all my expectations. The professors were always there for us when we needed help and it did get me to where I wanted to go.

My next step is going to the B.Sc.N. program at Trent University. I believe I’m prepared because the Preparatory Health Science program gave me an advantage over the other students, by giving me background information on how post-secondary is going to be run and what to expect when I do get to the Trent program.

For me, nursing is the step in to the direction that I want to go. I actually want to get into med school and become a surgeon at the end, so I feel that having a medical background before I go into med school is going to really help me out with that.”

The one-year Preparatory Health Science certificate program prepares students for post-secondary level science programs. Students take core courses in chemistry, biology, English and mathematics, while gaining extensive hands-on, laboratory-based learning experience.