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Amber Kuehl shares her Pharmacy Technician program experience


PhotoAmber Kuehl graduated from the Pharmacy Technician program this June, and recently completed her program placement at Pembroke Regional Hospital. Below is her Fleming College journey:

“I want to become a Pharmacy Technician because I am a very social person and love helping others– knowing that I am helping others puts a smile on my face. I also like educating patients so they can help themselves.

I chose Fleming College because I heard good things about the Pharmacy Technician program from previous students, and participating in Orientation Day the teachers and staff made me feel very welcome and I thought it would be a good experience. The teachers and staff in all departments were very helpful, and would give you the support you were in need of.

I believe field placement was very helpful towards my education. I know for myself, I am a hands-on, visual learner, and once I physically do something I understand the concepts much better.

My experience at Pembroke Regional Hospital was incredible. The pharmacy and hospital staff were very welcoming, and were all very good teachers that I have learned a lot from. Being able to gain experience at Pembroke Regional Hospital is a dream come true. I’d say my most memorable experience at my field placement is knowing I am helping make a difference in patients’ lives.

My career goals for the future are to complete my SPT, Jurisprudence, and PEBC exams to obtain a Registered Pharmacy Technician position in a hospital setting, and to work with little or no supervision in a fast paced environment with strong knowledge of pharmacy technology practice. I will pursue being an IV pharmacy technician with strong knowledge and experience of aseptic technique, IV infusion admixture, and chemotherapy to the hospital or retail setting.”