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Former varsity athlete is excited to meet future Fleming Knights


kellyKelly Laing, Recreation and Leisure – Advanced Standing graduate, is excited to meet future Fleming Knights while travelling across Ontario as a Grad Recruiter. Kelly, who graduated from Fleming College this year, has served as a varsity athlete at Fleming and the University of Windsor.

“I am really looking forward to speaking to potential Fleming Knights who are interested in both our academic and athletic options here at Fleming College,” said Kelly. “I would love to see our athletics grow and become even more of a powerhouse than they already are. Go Knights!”

It may come as no surprise that this athlete’s favourite spot on Sutherland Campus is the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, which features a triple gymnasium, and fitness and aquatics centres. Membership is included in student fees for full-time Sutherland Campus students.

“I was lucky enough to compete as a varsity athlete, or ‘Fleming Knight,’ and got to spend a lot of time at our new athletic facilities. We are so lucky here at Fleming to have access to a gym with fitness classes for students, a saltwater pool, two gymnasiums, intramural and extramural sports, and more,” said Kelly. “I also really enjoyed the extensive trail system that surrounds Fleming’s Peterborough Campus. This is where the cross-country team (my team) did long runs and shorter workouts, and it is absolutely beautiful!”

Kelly discovered her passion for working in post-secondary athletics while studying at the University of Windsor, where she earned a four-year Honours degree and attended Teachers College. “While looking at the careers that were available in that field, I realized I would need to further my education and I really liked what Fleming College had to offer me,” she said. Kelly added that she gained many valuable tools from the Recreation and Leisure – Advanced Standing program, including: event and tournament planning, facility management, accounting, marketing, sports marketing and more.

In her role as Grad Recruiter, Kelly plans on highlighting Fleming’s amazing academics, excellent co-op programs, applied project opportunities, small class sizes, strong athletic programs, and an active Student Administrative Council who plans fun and new activities for students. She is looking forward to networking and meeting new people, while sharing her own positive Fleming experience.

“Fleming is like a welcoming warm family who has your best interests at heart,” said Kelly. “I can’t wait to convey that message to future Fleming students!”

Kelly’s next stop on the road is Sharbot Lake, Ont., where she will be speaking with students at Granite Ridge Education Centre on Sept. 26, 2016.