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Ecosystem Management students travel to Costa Rica


costa-rica-blogEcosystem Management Technician students are in Costa Rica for their International Field Placement! The students are sharing their experiences helping the Parismina Turtle Conservation on the Destination Conservation blog.

In the post “More Challenging Than Expected…More Rewarding Too” by Devon Hennessey, Devon writes about the difficult hours of patrols (patrol shifts are either from 8 p.m. to midnight, or midnight to 4 a.m.) “I knew coming here it would be a lot of work for all of the members of our team, but I don’t think anyone understood how much work it would really be,” writes Devon.

“The point of our project is to not only help the turtles but to help the people of the town as well. This has been such an amazing opportunity for me. I am so happy I was able to partake in this team,” Devon writes. “Anyone who is thinking about coming to Costa Rica to help, I urge you that it is so worth it to make the trip, you won’t regret it. I know I won’t.”

Fleming’s Ecosystem Management program has three organized placements. Two are international placements in South Africa and in Costa Rica, which enable students to gain a global perspective on conservation; and a placement in Moosonee, in northern Ontario, which offers the opportunity for students to obtain experience in an Aboriginal community. Students who participate in these organized placement experiences are selected based on a rigorous screening process.