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Brett Oaks from the City of Peterborough shares her Fleming success story


brett oaksBrett Oaks, Business Administration – Human Resources Management (Class of 2015), shares her Fleming College success story:

“My most memorable experience on the job was notifying the most recent group of firefighters they had been selected for a start date, which was very exciting news for them since this is one of the most competitive professions to get a full-time position. It was amazing to experience the pure joy and excitement they had when I told them their hard work and dedication had finally paid off.

Fleming College definitely prepared me for my position as Human Resources Consultant for the City of Peterborough. The entire teaching faculty did a great job linking topics we were being taught to actual work situations they’ve encountered in their careers. The faculty, especially the HR program coordinator, have a dedication to all the students’ success and work hard with anything they can to support you. The fact that we also had a practicum helped too. It gave us an opportunity to put the materials we were learning in class to use before we entered our careers. It also gave us some much-needed experience for when we began job searching.

Fleming College gave me the knowledge I needed to prove my abilities and perform well in my position. I would and have recommended this program. I feel I wouldn’t have gotten the same faculty support and had the same experience if I went to another school. I recently told a coworker’s child that they should have applied to go to Fleming instead of the school they had, and told them everything I loved about it; they decided to apply to Fleming and got accepted, so hopefully they have the same experience I did!

My advice to current students is that it’s never too early to begin looking for your dream job, and a great place to start is through volunteering with that organization or – if they accept placement students – it’s a great way to make the most of your practicum hours. Networking is also key to helping get a job, and building good relationships with your faculty is a great way to practice your networking skills.”