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Principles of Sales

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Course Code: BUSN065

This course will provide the student with an in-depth look at the field of sales. Rather than looking at professional selling as a career area, the focus is directed more at acquiring and demonstrating selling skills. This course deals with a Selling System, a system that deals with sales strategies. In today's more sophisticated environment, you need to devise strategies for each of your accounts. You must know where you stand in the sales process: know why buying decisions are made and who makes them within each account. You need to understand the business problems facing each account, and how your product or service can help solve them. Therefore this sales course has been developed to help you learn how to understand, develop and penetrate your accounts more effectively. It's a program that shows you how to devise profitable selling strategies and turn those strategies into action. Recommended Prior Learning: Knowledge/experience in Marketing field. Supplied software used in this course is available for PC?s only

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