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Construction Trade Management

Gain the managerial and business skills to be a leader, whether as business owner or project manager. These online courses offer trades-specific skills related to operations, marketing, contracts, job site management and financial processes, including materials costing and bid management. Also included are health and safety courses, including the in-class Working at Heights.

Courses in Construction Trade Management

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Business Planning for Tradespeople


An ever-growing demand for skilled trades results in great market opportunities for tradespersons. One of the important skills gaps identified amongst tradespersons is the lack of business acumen and entrepreneurial skills. This course focuses on the tradesperson as an entrepreneur, guiding students through the steps of researching and developing a business plan at a level that is ready to implement, including marketing, operational and financial components in addition to evaluating the viability of business ideas.

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42 hours


Construction Industry


Explore the many facets of the construction industry as you increase your awareness of industry factors and various participants and stakeholders that are typically involved in a commercial construction project, as well as and issues such as impact on the economy, safety, environmental, and use of technology. This course has achieved accreditation by the Gold Seal Accreditation Board of the Canadian Construction Association.

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60 hours


Construction Contract Bid Mgmt


Overseeing a construction process requires knowledge in site management, material ordering, scheduling and cost control processes. Gain the basic knowledge of General Contracting and estimating, additional understanding of Tender Documents for all project types and knowledge of computerized estimating and unit price control. We will also examine the roles in an estimating team and importance of bid management.

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39 hours


Construction Contracts and Documents


As projects become more complex it is important that all the parties involved (owner, architect, engineer(s) and general contractor construction) have a proper understanding of contract documents and their relationship to the entire project. This understanding of contract documents is essential to prevent or minimize disputes and claims, which can be very costly. This course is an introduction to the documents that form a construction contract. The course builds upon the principles of law and introduces the most commonly used standard forms of construction contracts issued by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee and the Canadian Construction Association. Basic building law, contractual responsibilities and obligations are explored.

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32 hours


Construction Drawings and Methods


This introduction to construction drawings and methods provides a useful foundation for those who are would like to continue their studies in managing a construction project or estimating its cost. We will go over basic blueprint reading and common methods of construction, from soil excavation to roof design and discuss legal concepts of building/planning codes and statutes. You will gain a foundation of residential/commercial construction principles, and codes in practice today. Prerequisite: A sound mathematics and English background as well as a good understanding of MS Word are important for success in this course.

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39 hours


Construction Job Site Management


Develop skills in jobsite administration and documentation, layout, set up, supervision, and safety. Contract types and the Construction Lien Act will be discussed along with a review of the programs that are available to help in managing the jobsite. Participants will require an existing knowledge of materials estimating and methods.

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39 hours


Construction Health & Safety


Increase your knowledge of legislative codes and other regulatory requirements that govern safety on construction sites. Students will learn essential skills and knowledge required for a project manager to minimize lost person hours and maximize efficiency, by evaluating and ensuring a safe working environment.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.


Successful businesses not only respond to their current customer needs, but often anticipate future trends and use innovation to develop new ideas, products or services. The future of skilled trades will be shaped by emerging trends such as sustainability, new entrants to the skilled trades and applied research and development as well as skills shortages driven by demographics and economic factors. Learn to analyze emerging trends within your field with the help of case studies, research reports, online collaborative tools and creative thinking methods. Develop the ability to continually improve the day-to-day operations and long-term sustainability of a trades business.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.


Operating a trades business involves many legal and ethical issues. This course will provide participants with a foundation for understanding and improving their ethical position as a trades business owner including how to make tough yet ethical choices within the pressures of competition. Using current events, case studies, and discussions; participants will explore their personal integrity threshold, and determine the impact of their decisions on business results. Participants will further examine legal consideration in the operation of a trades business such as legislative, contractual and municipal obligation. Selected case studies from the trades will be used throughout this course.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Financial Processes in the Trades


Explore a financial toolkit specifically designed with the entrepreneurial Journeyperson in mind. Study common business taxation dilemmas faced by those operating their own businesses or for those serving in a managerial role. Although the focus is on practicality of use, the goal is for the Journeyperson to acknowledge and embrace the usefulness of the learning. Comprehending the logic behind appropriate project pricing and time to completion charting can be the difference between profit and loss. This course also introduces the simplicities of an IPO and the complexities of the risk and return correlation.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Introduction to Cost Estimating


This course is intended to explain the process of construction estimating from the contract documents to the methods of measuring material quantities used in general contracting offices. This will enable the student to understand the position of estimator within the business of construction management both in the contractor and sub-contractor's world. The course will concentrate on 'taking-off' methods of materials using simple residential and commercial exercises.

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39 hours


Marketing a Trades Business


Marketing a trades business, such as plumbing, automotive service, heating and cooling repair, electrical contracting and carpentry can present some unique challenges. Gain an overview of selected marketing theory and engage in practical exercises to learn how to improve a trades business though proven marketing strategies. Through a self-analysis exercise and a competitive analysis, determine where you fit into your market. The importance of networking and referrals will be emphasized. Explore various messaging and media options that resonate best with trades customers and develop a streamlined plan of action to promote your services.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Material Estimating and Methods


Discover a proven method of cost estimating that will help you determine material quantities and unit cost for a complete commercial project. Utilizing the excel spreadsheet from the previous course CNST076 (Introduction to Cost estimating) and embarking on the industry software 'Timberline', the participants will be able to use the documents created in the workplace. Cost estimating will be the focus of this course. The build-up and calculations of unit costs for materials, labour and equipment by extension to your 'takeoff' job estimates will be the fundamental part of this course.

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39 hours


Operating a Trades Business


Gain an understanding of the issues and unique facets related to the operation of a trades business. Using a business simulation scenario, you will go through all the stages of operating and maintaining a trades-based business, including planning, research, legal considerations, and day-to-day operation.

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45 hours




Study in your own home, your workplace, or at one of our locations at your own pace to complete this certification. Perfect for rounding out a resume or updating your staff on current legislation and safety information. (Internet and audio-enabled computer required). NOTE: Please call the Continuing Education Office to register.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Working at Heights Certification


This Chief Prevention Officer approved training program is mandated for all workers having the potential of working at heights. It focuses on safe work practices to eliminate injuries and accidents while working at heights. You will gain hazard awareness and fall protection training both in classroom theory and practical experience in a simulation lab.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Ontario Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness


Complete the basic health and safety awareness training program that all supervisors in Ontario must take in order to meet the new Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulations of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), which came into force for employers on July 1, 2014. Training is completed online, and a certificate issued upon completion.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

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